Why is it important to pay?

Plants need a series of macro and micronutrients in order to grow and develop properly. These nutrients are absorbed through the roots, which develop below ground level. Without this food, they would have a hard time getting by.

However, we often forget to fertilize what causes the progressive loss of these important nutrients. Thus, it is important to know the importance of the subscriber. In this way, we will prevent them from having problems due to poor nutrition.

The importance of paying

All plant beings need, above all, three macronutrients:

  • Nitrogen (N): essential for growth.
  • Phosphorus (P): favors the ripening of flowers and fruits, and enhances the development of the roots.
  • Potassium (K): is the one that is responsible for the transport of nutrients, and also allows the formation of more resistant tissues.

Still, we cannot forget about micronutrients, such as calcium, magnesium or iron. Without them, the plants would start to yellow and would not flower as often or as regularly. Because, it is important to pay regularly so that, in this way, we can enjoy healthy plants.

What is the best season for the subscriber?

Organic fertilizer for plants

The answer to that question can actually be quite simple or very complicated. If you live in an area where the climate is mild and, although there are frosts, they are very weak (down to -4ºC), you can pay all yeartaking into account that during autumn and winter only slow release fertilizers should be used. Conversely, if you live in an area where the winter climate is cold, then you can only pay in spring and summer.

The frequency will vary depending on the fertilizer itself and the plant in question, but in general, if it is a powdered organic fertilizer, it should be added once a month, and if it is liquid once a week or every fifteen days. To know this exactly, it is important to always read the labels on the containers to ensure that they receive the right amount of compost.

Why is it important to pay?

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