Know the fungal disease called Oidio de la Vid

Powdery mildew is about a disease that occurs due to a fungus called Uncinula necator Burr, which, although it is from North America, is quite widespread throughout Spain. As with all fungi, if the environment and climate are conducive for them to develop, may occur in certain susceptible varietieseven the complete loss of the harvest […]

Why do the leaves fall off the plants

Plants are very adaptable and resistant, but the truth is that when they are forced to withstand higher temperatures than usual and for several days in a row … they start to have serious problems. This time I am going to explain to you why are the leaves fallingand we will also try to improve […]

Evergreen fruit trees | Gardening On

Fruit trees are the ideal complement to have in your orchard or garden. Easy to maintain, its tasty fruits will calm our stomach throughout the season. If you’re evergreen fruit treestake a look at our selection. Cork oak The cork oakwhose scientific name is Quercus suberis native to Europe and Africa. In Spain it is […]

How do I know if my plant is affected by viruses?

The virus They are microorganisms that, although they are not seen with the naked eye, can cause significant damage to plants to the point that, if measures are not taken, they become so weak that in the end they cannot resist infection and dry out. The problem is that there is no treatment that is […]

Learn how and when to plant raspberries

Nothing defines summer better than sweet and succulent raspberries; raspberries are actually very easy to plant, no matter if it is done in hot or cold climatessince the important thing is that rthey get enough sunlight to thrive. There are red, black and yellow raspberries, each of which ripen at different times of the year […]

How does a plant grow up or down

Have you ever wondered how a plant grows up or down? This behavior of plant beings is somewhat curious, because here on Earth we have a gravity high enough for everything around us, including ourselves, to stay on the earth’s crust, on the ground. However, trees, flowers, herbs … almost all plants grow as if […]

Perlite and vermiculite | Gardening On

For our garden we use certain materials that help us to germinate our plants or that contribute to their good condition. In this case I come to talk to you about perlite and vermiculite. Do you want to know what they are, what they are for and when we should use each one? Pearlite It […]

Records and curiosities of the Plant Kingdom

The Plant Kingdom is amazing. Until recently, it was believed that they were totally different from us human beings, but more and more the line that separates both kingdoms becomes more blurred. Plants, like any animal, have to grow, develop, multiply to perpetuate the species and protect its offspring as much as possible to make […]

Turmeric, the curry herb | Gardening On

The turmeric it is in fashion and today it is one of the new gourmet ingredients. If you like cooking as much as plants, now is the time to grow this herb in your small garden to have a fresh product that you can turn to when you are looking for that special touch, that […]

When to plant tomatoes? | Gardening On

Tomatoes are delicious, right? They are cleaned well with water, cut in half, add a little oil and a pinch of sugar … and eat. That, or it’s sliced ​​and put on toast for dinner. They are very, very healthy, and the best thing is that its cultivation is really simple. If you sow the […]

Natural repellants and fungicides for plants

Fungi are very common, especially if you live in a humid place as it is the ideal climate for them to proliferate, affecting plants and causing diseases. The same goes for many pests and insects. You can use a repellent or chemical fungicide to attack plant pests and fungi, but my recommendation is to try […]

When are peas planted? | Gardening On

Peas are very nutritious legumes, as they are rich in carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. They come from peas, which are very fast-growing plants that will be very useful even after the season is over, as we can use them as green manure. But When are peas planted? If you want to make the most of […]

10 names of indoor plants

A home without plants is a place that seems to be missing something, right? Although the vast majority of plant beings that we find in nurseries must be grown outdoors, there are many others that we can use to decorate our home. Some have showy flowers, others such pretty leaves that they seem artificial. But […]

Guide to plant substrates: how to choose the right one

An interesting and complex topic at the same time is undoubtedly that of substrates. Depending on the cultivation needs of each plant, as well as the climatic conditions that exist in each place, it will require one sustenance or another. This will have to help their roots so that they can develop correctly, and as […]

Megapost of palms, plants of exceptional beauty

Palm trees are plants of exceptional beauty. Its stipe (what we would call trunk) grows upwards as if it wanted to reach the sky, and its precious leaves flutter with the wind every time it blows between its leaflets, even its flowers, which are grouped in highly branched inflorescences, make the ornamental value of these […]

Tips for Buying Brush Cutters

Brushcutters are the perfect gardening tools when you want to have a neat and tidy green paradise. They are also very useful for cutting grass that has gotten out of control to such an extent that it has created a jungle of plants through which it is impossible to pass. But, How to choose the […]

Chickpea cultivation | Gardening On

Great nutritional qualities has the chickpea and that is why we thought of growing it in the garden. You can design many dishes with this healthy product, from stews and salads to the famous hummus, the chickpea paste native to the Middle East. For, grow chickpeas You have to have a little space in the […]

How to buy plants | Gardening On

Go shopping at a nursery it is one of the funniest experiences that any hobbyist or expert gardener can have. You always discover something new: a plant that you have never seen before, a new variety of the one you recently acquired, the colors that the leaves of some trees acquire as the months go […]

How to hose down | Gardening On

Irrigation is the most important task we must do if we have plants under our care, but it can also be very entertaining and relaxing, especially if we hose down. And, if we pay attention only to the sound of the water when it comes out, the calming effect is almost, almost immediate. But watering […]

Maple Bonsai Care | Gardening On

Since its inception, one of the types of trees most used in the bonsai technique is the Arce. Deciduous trees with beautiful autumn coloring with which authentic works of art are created. They are very resistant and adaptable, so it is not surprising that all lovers of this world have the odd copy in their […]

How to change the pH of the soil

The soil is of vital importance for plants, not in vain, in it are the minerals that they need so much to grow. But sometimes we find a very acidic or very alkaline soil, which rather than allowing the roots to absorb them causes them to weaken, endangering the life of the vegetables. Can this […]

What are soil amendments? | Gardening On

If we have a land that has suffered the effects of erosion, or if for years plants have been cultivated without any control, it is most likely that that land is no longer fertile. When that happens, we have to provide materials, preferably organic, so that the soil can be cultivated again. But What are […]

Step by step to make a vegetable garden with pallets

To be in tune with these times, it is best to take advantage of everything that we have around us in order to recover disused objects and adapt them to our needs while spending little money. Pallets have become essential parts of many homes. You can find them on the street or in supermarkets and […]

Plant acclimatization step by step

When we buy a plant from the greenhouse we have to bear in mind that the conditions it has lived with until now are different from those that it will find in our home or garden. Because of that, we have to do a number of things so that it can adapt as soon as […]

How to eliminate snails from the garden or orchard

With the arrival of the rains, some mollusks appear that, although they can turn out to be very nice, the truth is that, like all herbivores, they will want to try the odd bite of your plants. It is convenient have them controlledsince otherwise we could end up having very damaged plant beings. So I’m […]

How to improve the drainage of a flower pot

One of the most common mistakes we make is overwatering plants. It is often thought that the more water we give them, the better they will grow, not in vain, water is life. But this is not so. The extremes are very harmful: whether we water little or a lot, our vegetables will not be […]

Do you know the Tulipero del Gabon?

Do you know the Tulip tree from Gabon? This is a perfect tree for medium to large gardens, where it can grow and develop freely. It is, in effect, a plant from which we can protect ourselves from the sun under the shade of its leaves, which will remain in it throughout the year. Let […]

Know the 4 main components of the soil

The Soil components They are the ones who are in charge of feeding all the life that forms part of the plant world and it is that each of the parts of the soil, turn out to be fundamental so that the adequate plant developmentso it is essential that all these parts are in good […]

How to recycle a wheelbarrow

Do you have an old wheelbarrow and you don’t know what to do with it? If so, we suggest that you give it a look changeand turn it into a planter. It is very easy, and a lot of fun. Follow this step by step and you will discover how to recycle a wheelbarrow. I […]

Common Gardening Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Gardening is exciting. Being in direct contact with the plants and the earth is something incredible, which makes you feel very good by making you think of only one thing: the plant beings that you are in charge of. But, we are not going to fool you: gardening mistakes are very commonespecially when you start. […]

Discover how to care for a cacao tree

If you are one of those who prefer sweet flavors, then the Cacao tree is for you. This beautiful plant is perfect to have in tropical gardens around the world, and can also be grown in greenhouses or in very bright interiors. Its fruits, which are edible, appear throughout the year. Do you want to […]

Types of garden soils | Gardening On

When starting to think about a garden, the best thing you can do is think about the project based on the natural conditions of the place. That is, what characteristics does the surface in question have, if it has different levels, if the sun illuminates all the corners or are there differentiated areas, if there […]

Meet the famous rose leaf cutting bee

Surely on some occasion you have suffered the effects caused by this insect on your rose bushes, the Leaf Cutter Bee as its name indicates, it does exactly that, cut the leaves of the rose busheswith the purpose of making its characteristic nest. After the trick you can easily identify the person responsible, since the […]

Olive Bonsai Care | Gardening On

Do you want to have your own bonsai but without having to complicate yourself? If so, it is highly recommended that you get a native plant from your areawhich will surely give you many and great satisfactions, since it will be adapted to the climatic conditions of the place. Although of course, sometimes it can […]

Orchard chores in May | Gardening On

May it is a month in which the warm temperatures finish waking up our beloved plantswhich begin to grow at a good rate thanks to the constant supply of water and fertilizer that we provide them. However, they are also a few days during which pests and diseases can appear at any time. Thus, irrigation, […]

Tree of Paradise Care | Gardening On

The tree that I am going to present you is ideal to have in gardens that are not too large, with high humidity, since it grows near the sea. It is popularly known by the name of Paradise treeand without a doubt you will seem to be there if you dare to plant one in […]

Uses of wood ash in gardening

Before going to the store to buy chemical products for your plants, check what is around you, that is, what nature gives you, in order to practice the ecological gardeningan increasingly popular alternative that is adopted by a growing number of people. In ecological gardening, ashes are very well used as they have many uses. […]

Everything you need to know about fruit grafting

Both in gardening, as in agriculture and others, grafts are very useful. Is about join or insert a part of a plant in another so that it continues to grow. In this way they are united and the two develop on the same floor. In this case, I am going to talk to you about […]

Homemade seed tapes for the vegetable garden

For lovers of growing and gardening at home, the manufacture of their own seed ribbons It represents a double saving (time and effort) when sowing and that is to arrange the seeds in an organized way on a paper surfacetaking care and guaranteeing its adequate distribution and distance between one and another for its subsequent […]

Potted lemon tree care | Gardening On

Image – If you are looking forward to having a fruit tree on your patio or balcony and you have no idea which one to choose, I recommend that you get a lemon tree. Yes, yes, although it can grow up to 4-5 meters, it is one of the best adapted to living in […]

Cactus Diseases II | Gardening On

As we have seen before, cacti and other types of succulent plants They are very resistant to diseases, pests and disorders, but like any other plant they can suffer from these types of problems. It should be noted that diseases in this type of plants can be produced and caused by 3 different types of […]

The most common pests of plants

One writes and writes about plants and pests they repeat over and over again. This happens because many species are threatened by a variety of bugs and insects that find their source of life in plants. For all this is that today we dedicate ourselves to most frequent pests of plantsto take them into account […]

What is clay and what is it for? – Complete guide

When we have a need to improve the drainage of our pots or to decorate a corner of our garden in a very original way, it is highly recommended to get some arlite sackswhich is a very inexpensive material that we can use to have a very elegantly decorated space. It is also very easy […]

Cyperus for your garden | Gardening On

Today I am going to talk to you about a genus of herbaceous plants belonging to the sedge family that comes in handy for our garden or our patio. It can also serve as a decoration for tables and large furniture. It is about the genus Cyperus. Do you want to know how to take […]

How to grow celery | Gardening On

In general, planting celery is often considered as the ultimate challenge within vegetable gardening. This is because celery has a fairly long growing season, but has a minimal tolerance to heat and cold. There is not a big difference in the taste of that variety that you can grow in your garden and the one […]

How to sow onions | Gardening On

Onion is a food that has been grown for a long, long time. It is essential to prepare exquisite dishes, not only for its peculiar flavor, but also for its nutritional properties. In addition, in gardening it is very useful to repel pests, since the aroma is not usually liked by the enemies of our […]

12 Gardening Tricks For Newbies

Gardening is an art. It is true that it is an expression of nature, but every garden, every patio, even every balcony decorated with plants is unique and unrepeatablealthough they have been designed following the same style. Each of us can contribute something of their own that will make that space personal. So that the […]

How are the edges of the leaves

The edges of the olive leaves are whole. Leaves are a vital part of plant beings. Thanks to them they can breathe and photosynthesize, a process that allows them to feed and grow. What’s more, it is usually in them where problems first manifestso it is highly recommended to observe them daily to detect them […]

Are there bonsai seeds? | Gardening On

Bonsai are very curious and exceptional plants. With them, we can have a piece of nature in our homeand keep them in special trays for many, many years. They attract us so much attention that sometimes we have even been tempted to buy seeds. But… Do bonsai seeds exist? When we see a miniature tree […]

How to plant watermelons | Gardening On

Watermelon is a typical summer fruit. When consumed fresh, it helps us fight the heat, and having a large amount of water becomes a substitution, at least temporarily, for bottled water. Its flavor has the exact degree of sweetness: it is felt instantly, but it is not so intense that it produces unpleasant sensations in […]

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