How to know if my plant is burning

Although there are many plants that have to be placed in full sun so that they can grow correctly, without forcing their stems to develop in an exaggerated way so that they can capture light, there are not few times that, as soon as we buy one, the next day we We find her with burns caused by the star king.

This, although it usually happens especially when we take them outside, it can also happen inside the house when we place it next to a window. This being the case, it is important to discover how to know if my plant is burning to prevent it from happeningtruth? But, in addition to that, we are going to explain what we can do so that, in the event that it is already weak, you can recover it.

Why do plants burn?

Watering the plants.

Taking care of plants is wonderful, but of course, when you find them burned or sick, it is not the same. We all would like to always have a garden or a house spectacularly decorated with flowers and others, but being living beings, they too they may have various problems throughout his life.

One of the most common are sunburneither by direct exposure (putting the plant outside) or indirectly (through a window). They can also burn easily if, when watering, we pour the water on the plants themselves and not on the ground, thus allowing the magnifying glass effect to occur, that is, the sun’s rays when hitting the liquid, cause burns.

Another cause of burns are those caused by frost. All plants have their own rusticity. Some resist the cold and hail without problems, but there are others that just feel the cool a little and have a bad time. When we go to acquire one, it is always important to ask or inquire about whether it can be grown abroad in our area.

Finally, Another reason why burns may appear is due to excess fertilizer. It is true that they need nutrients to be able to grow, but an excess of food damages them as much as if we never fertilized them. You have to be very careful with fertilizers and carefully read the instructions specified on the packaging, otherwise we would run the risk of giving them more than their roots can assimilate.

How do you know if they are burning?

Fern in garden

The most frequent burn symptoms are the following:

  • Appearance of yellow or reddish spots and later brown on the leaves.
  • Plants can be left without leaves.
  • The flower buds do not open, even though they have been developing well.
  • The growth stops, something that happens especially when the problem is caused by excess fertilizer.
  • The leaves wither or become deformed.
  • The edges of the leaves appear burned.
  • The root system is weakened, and with it, the aerial part of the plants (stems and leaves), which will lead to the appearance of pests.

In serious cases, we could lose them. Fortunately, we can do a few things to avoid it.

How to avoid burning?

Red flowers in the field

Having healthy plants is not an easy task. Must control irrigation and not overdo it with compost. It is also convenient that we know in which place they can grow better, if outdoors or indoors. So, in addition to the advice we have given you so far, we recommend that, even if you acquire a plant that you know has to be exposed to the light of the star kingAs the cycads or the cacti, put it in semi-shadow for a whileexcept if they have been growing in full sun.

Ideally, it should be in this location for at least a month, and gradually put it in an area where light reaches it more directly.

What to do to recover a burned plant?

Schefflera arboricola plant

If when going to the garden or the patio we have found a burned plant, we have to do the following:

  • Cut -if you can- the affected parts with scissors previously disinfected with pharmacy alcohol.
  • Protect it from the sun by placing it in a semi-shady area or putting a shading mesh over it, and indoors if the problem has been the cold.
  • Water with rain, osmosis, or distilled water so that excess compost moves away from the roots.

Burns make plants not look very pretty, but with these tips they will recover .

How to know if my plant is burning

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