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May it is a month in which the warm temperatures finish waking up our beloved plantswhich begin to grow at a good rate thanks to the constant supply of water and fertilizer that we provide them. However, they are also a few days during which pests and diseases can appear at any time.

Thus, irrigation, fertilization and preventive treatment are three of the most important tasks in the garden in May. Although they are not the only ones.

Plant horticultural plants

Watermelon in the orchard

May is a good month to plant some fast growing horticultural plantssuch as the courgettes, cabbage, cucumbers, melons, watermelons, rabanitos, spinach, pumpkins, carrots, green peas I spinach. You can sow all of them first in a seedbed and, when they are about 5cm high, transfer them to the ground or the final container, which must be large (at least 35cm in diameter).

Increase the frequency of irrigation

Drip irrigation in the garden

During this month the temperatures begin to rise a lot, so that the plants will need more water. To prevent them from becoming dehydrated it is very important to increase the frequency of irrigationso that if before it was only necessary to water three times a week, now water 4-5 times.

Make preventive treatments against pests and diseases

Neem oil

With the heat aphids, The mealybugs, tripsAs well as mushrooms and bacteria set out to detect any sign of plant weakness. If we want to avoid damage, it is convenient to give them preventive treatments with neem oil I potassium soap, which are two very effective natural remedies against the main pests and diseases that affect them.

Fertilize your crops

Organic fertilizer

In order for them to grow and develop strong and healthy, it will be essential to pay them. As they are garden plants, that is, for human consumption, you have to use organic fertilizerssuch as compost, manure herbivorous animal, or the earthworm humus, among others. If they are in pots, it is important to use fertilizers in liquid presentation since otherwise we would run the risk that the roots would end up rotting due to excess humidity; On the other hand, if they are in the garden, those that come “in powder” can be used.

Enjoy your garden .

Orchard chores in May | Gardening On

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