Pepper diseases and their treatment

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The pepper is a typical vegetable of some countriesbut Mexico is perhaps one of the nations that carries the pepper with it in much of its gastronomic culture and it is that for those who do not know it, the pepper is part of those spicy fruits, belonging to the family annual capsicum

Among its main colors we can find red and green as well as yellow. In any case, the pepper is used in many countries as part of the stew in many recipes, as well as part of the dressing for many typical foods. It is then a very familiar vegetable in a large part of the Latin American countries.

The pepper and its diseases

The pepper and its diseases

Pepper and its diseases

In some countries it is considered a vegetableas well as the recipient of other terms that are assigned to it according to the country in which it is located.

In our country, it is known as “pepper“, While in some Latin countries it is considered”peppers”And so on, so in this article we will let you know pepper diseases and part of its treatments, bringing the reader closer to all the necessary information about some ailments that this fruit may suffer as well as defining the corresponding treatments.

Peppers you can suffer from a myriad of diseaseswithin which we can mention:

Gray rot

This disease can be easily discriminated and is that the brown lesions that manage to appear on the leaves and flowers turn out to be the most emblematic indicator of this disease.

Generally, it is attributed to expose the plant to rainwaterwhich generates a progressive deterioration of it.

For its treatment, it is recommended to cut the infected areas and if necessary, the plants that are completely infected should be eliminated. If the humidity of the environment allows it, apply pastes of healing in cut areas.

White rot

As in the gray, we can observe certain dusty tones in the textures of the pepper, but unlike the gray, the white ones do not give off a bad smell. Simply, the affected areas they are generating an increasingly black toneas well as generating more and more dryness in the stem of the plant.

The treatment is not at all different from that assigned for gray rot, only in this case the ventilation to which the plant is being exposed must be taken into account.

· Sadness

Consists of the premature dryness of the plant and with this, the early death of it, in such a way that it fails to reach its stage of bearing fruit.

In this sense, the plant contemplates a very short life timeso the treatment for this case consists of effectively conditioning the soil in which the seed will be planted, especially if we are dealing with a soil in which the seed would have already been planted. pepper plants.

Another recommendation is maintain constant irrigation of the soilsin such a way that the plant stays hydrated.

Bacterial scabies

Pepper disease and how to fight it

pepper disease and how to combat it

This sickness it is transmitted by the seedsince scabies progressively consumes the skin of the plant, to the point of generating notorious hollow areas in it and it is that great some of these bacteria can be transmitted through morning dew waterof roots and of the same fruit.

The pepper can suffer a considerable number of diseases to considerwithin which, many can be attributed to the environment in which they are harvested.

For this reason, it is essential to evaluate the conditions in which the environment will play an important role in the development and health of plants. It is then a matter of carrying out the necessary health processes for the harvest areas of peppers of any plant that needs intensive care during its development, since its fruit will be destined for human consumptionwhich is why it should be kept under essential guidelines.

Pepper diseases and their treatment

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