In the previous post, we saw some ways to maintain the right temperature in greenhousesaccording to the conditions that we have inside them, for example: the ways to increase or decrease the temperature or also the ways to increase or decrease the light to which our greenhouse is exposed.

Today, we bring you some tips about greenhouse temperatures:

  • Usually, the temperature of a greenhouse should be between 10 degrees Celsius (the minimum) and 30 degrees Celsius (the maximum).
  • We must try that there is a difference of 5 or 7 degrees centigrade between the temperature of the day and the temperature of the night.
  • We must bear in mind that the temperature of the stratum is much more important than the temperature of the air that is breathed in the greenhouse, especially if it is growing flower beds.
  • As long as the soil temperature is below 7 degrees Celsius, the roots will grow much slower and will not easily absorb nutrients or water.
  • Having the soil at a warm temperature is vital for the seeds to germinate and for the cuttings to develop.
  • It is important that we maintain a temperature of 18 and 25 degrees Celsius so that germination occurs satisfactorily. If you wish, you can use a special dream thermometer to keep an eye on changes in temperature.
  • If you want to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your greenhouse, you can choose to lower the intensity of the lights. In many cases, the problems of overheating inside a greenhouse are more common than those of poor heating.
  • When we grow inside greenhouses, it is difficult, sometimes to regulate the high temperatures, so we must have a ventilation system that can help us circulate the air inside the growing place.