How to plant tomatoes | Gardening On

Tomatoes are horticultural plants that, due to their rapid growth and high production, are one of the most widely cultivated both in the garden and in the flowerbed. They hardly require space to grow and develop, which is very interesting whether we have a small plot of land or if we have a patio or […]

How to plant ginger | Gardening On

This is a rhizomatous plant that you can have both in a pot and in your garden. In addition to adding it to the recipes that we prepare in the kitchen, it has wonderful medicinal properties that we cannot ignore, for example, you should know that is our best ally to maintain a healthy digestive […]

Crop rotation. What is it and what is it for

In agriculture there are various techniques to do not disturb or degrade the soil too much we are working on. If we maintain the ideal conditions of our soil, it will remain fertile and useful for longer. On the other hand, if we overexploit it, the soil will gradually degrade and erode, losing production capacity […]

Recycle pallets to have an ecological garden

At present we can see how pallets have become one of the important parts in some homes, since it is possible to find them both on the streets and in stores and further can be used for a large number of things. So if you have some wit and a little dexterity with your hands, […]

The role of microelements for plants

Since we haven’t done a short botany class in a long time, how about we talk about the microelements What do your plants need to be able to grow and develop properly? Although the fertilizers that we find in gardening stores and nurseries will be very useful to cover the needs of essential chemical elements, […]

Complete avocado file | Gardening On

The avocado is by far the most cultivated tropical tree in temperate climate regions. Not only are there varieties capable of withstanding frosts down to -2ºC, but it also provides excellent shade.which is appreciated if you live in an area where temperatures easily rise above thirty degrees Celsius during the summer. But in addition, they […]

Know what are the symptoms and treatment of the fruit fly

The Drosophila Melanogasterbetter known as the fruit flyis a very small species of fly, which generally when entering the adult stage reaches 3 to 4 mm long Most of these fruit flies has red eyesHowever, there are other fruit flies that have dark eyes, they also have a brown thorax and abdomen of this species […]

What are indoor bonsai and how are they cared for?

Cypress bonsai In recent years we have begun to see in nurseries and garden stores some small trees planted in very beautiful trays that they had put inside a kind of box with a label that says: Indoor bonsai, which often creates confusion, because …what is a bonsai ?, and … why are there plants […]

How is the shallot cultivated?

If you want to give a spicy flavor to your dishes, you cannot stop cooking the shallot. Its name probably does not tell you much, and it is not well known yet. However, due to how easy it is to grow it, it is highly recommended to make a hole in the garden. So, would […]

All about Xylella fastidiosa | Gardening On

Image – There are a number of pests and diseases that attack plants, but few have become as well known in such a short time as the Xylella fastidiosa. This bacterium, native to California, affects several species of important economic interest, such as olive or almond trees, so that many farmers are doing everything […]

Step by step: how to make homemade compost

I love green gardening, and I like even more saving as much as I can and more money, especially if the environment benefits as well. One of the ways to get a garden that does not lack for anything is to have a fertilized soil. And how is that done? Very easy: placing all organic […]

Learn how and when to grow chickpeas in your garden

In our daily diet we must have different types of food that nourish our body. We must not only include proteins and carbohydratesbut we have to eat a diet loaded with vegetables, fruits and legumes. Grow chickpeas among other foods Spanish gastronomy it is one of the richest in the world and it is composed […]

Hydroponics, an effective technique | Gardening On

Today we feel like inexperienced gardeners, one of those who are taking their first steps in the adventure of caring for plants and gardens. That is why we are dedicated to spying on the farming hydroponicsAlso known as Hydroponics to dry. The method The Hydroponics is an increasingly used technique in the world through which […]

How to grow stevia | Gardening On

The Stevia rebaudiana It is a very interesting medicinal herbaceous plant, especially for diabetics. It has many beneficial properties that we can take advantage of to enjoy better health. However, for this it is necessary that we provide a series of special care. For this reason, we are going to explain how to grow stevia. […]

Know in depth why pistachio day is celebrated

Pistachio Day is celebrated every year on February 26 and is known as the “national pistachio day”, Which is why all lovers of this delicious fruit celebrate it in style. The pistachio it is one of the oldest trees in the world and it is even a dried fruit that appears in the Bible, in […]

How do plants expel water

Hello everyone! How are you going through the heat wave? You sure have increased your fluid intake, right? And it is that the human body, being exposed to such high temperatures, expels water at a higher speed through the pores of the skin. Thus, when the wind passes, it manages to stay cool, or at […]

Know what they are and how mealybugs are eliminated

Mealybugs They are insects similar to the limpet that feed by sucking the sap of a wide range of plants, including indoor plants, greenhouse plants and many fruits, in some cases affects ornamental plants grown outdoors. The insects can weaken plants and some emit a sticky substance on the foliage, which allows the growth of […]

What are xerophytic plants | Gardening On

With the arrival of summer there are some plants in our garden that are having a great time. Heat, high temperatures, occasional watering, sporadic fertilization … Without a doubt, conditions very similar to those in their places of origin. By the way, did you know that these types of plant beings are also known as […]

The worm compost, a homemade invention

For gardening and agriculture there are numerous homemade inventions that make our life easier and we can do them in an ecological way without polluting or damaging our environment. From organic fertilizers, to worm compost bins, There are various homemade inventions that can help us in our tasks. Today we are going to focus on […]

Learn about the role of algae, lichens and mosses

Algae, lichens, and moss frequently can form a green or medium gray type of growthwhich are dusty or mossy, something that can be of great concern to gardeners and although these are harmless sometimes this may indicate that there is a lack of vigor on the affected plant. Lichen growing on tree limbs is often […]

When is it necessary to guard the plants?

Image – Horticultural Book There are a number of plants that, due to their youth, growth rate and / or the amount of fruit they produce, need a guide so as not to end up with broken stems.. We know this support as a tutor, since, like a human tutor guiding a child, these sticks […]

Know the basic tools to take care of your garden

For a garden to be kept in optimal conditions, some basic tools. Depending on the total area of ​​the land, as well as your budget, you will have to get one or the other. Next we will see what are the utensils that will be used most frequently. Hoe The how It is an indispensable […]

How to grow asparagus in the simplest way

In the world there are million vegetablesbut most people do not know even half of them, although there is one that is well known to all and this is the asparagus. Growing asparagus The asparagus it is one of the most sought after vegetables all over the world, since thanks to its mild flavor, it […]

Pests of carnivorous plants | Gardening On

It is somewhat curious that these curious plants, which so many people have captivated, can also be victims of pests, since after all, they feed on insects. But unfortunately it is not a few times that these uncomfortable or annoying parasites end up being the »predators» of vegetables. So today I’m going to tell you […]

Discover the benefits and properties of carrots

Carrots are one of vegetables that commonly capture the attention of many peopleperhaps this is due to the fact that although their flavor is not really delicious, they do have a fairly mild flavor, which also practically cannot be perceived by the palate or perhaps because it is not a food that is usually used […]

The aphid infestation in tomato crops and how to combat it

When we grow tomatoes in our garden we have to take into account that it can suffer some type of plague, disease or be attacked by a virus. Normally these pests and diseases take over crops when the middle of spring passes and temperatures begin to rise. There are numerous pests that affect tomato, That […]

What’s true in gardening myths?

Gardening is an exciting world, from which we can benefit a lot. And no, I am not just referring to how rewarding it is to take care of plants, but also to the tranquility that one has when we are with them. Even so, we also find in him a series of myths that can […]

How to grow a Chinese orange tree

Our protagonist today is one of the fruit trees that should not be missing in your patio, terrace or, of course, in the garden. Its small fruits, which are reminiscent of oranges, are not only decorative but can also calm, at least momentarily, the stomach. Discover how to grow a chinese orange tree. This little […]

5 homemade fertilizers to take care of your plants

Today, with the massive use of pesticides and unnatural fertilizers, plants grow faster in a shorter period of time, but they quickly get sick and their fruits do not have the flavor they should have. In order to take care of them in the best possible way, the use of ecological products is highly recommended, […]

The Different Uses Of Diatomaceous Earth In Gardening

Diatomaceous earth It can be used as a household insecticide, for animals, in the garden and some other uses. This product is quite useful and versatile in many aspects as we will see below and the best of all is that it is a fairly effective ecological product. One of its great advantages is that […]

Which water is better to irrigate

Very good and hot days! How’s it going? Would you like us to talk about what is the best water to irrigate your plants? I will tell you everything you need to know about this topic. You know: if you can irrigate with distilled water or with the air conditioning, tricks to improve water quality […]

How to sow strawberries step by step?

Do you like strawberries? If so, surely you will often go to buy some in the supermarket, right? But… I’m going to propose something better: plant them so that you can savor their authentic flavor, the natural one, the one that has not been contaminated by chemical products. So if you feel like it, go […]

How to control weeds | Gardening On

Herbs are plants that are not usually very well received in gardens: they grow so fast that, if they were left, we would have a jungle of grass instead of a neat garden. Keeping them at bay is actually simple, but you have to be very consistent. So that, If you want to know how […]

What are mini bonsai | Gardening On

It is said that when you are in charge of one of these little trees, you should be as aware of it as you would be of a child. And it is that taking care of them is not easy, well it is necessary to check the humidity of the substrate several times a daywhich […]

Gardening Gifts for Father’s Day

There are just a few days until Father’s Day arrives And if you have a father who is fond of gardening and plants, you can give him a good gift related to it. In this way he will be encouraged by his hobby and surely you will not fail in the gift. Rather than give […]

Learn how, when and what is the best way to grow sunflowers

One of the best pleasures is to be able to observe those big and beautiful yellow flowers Once the summer sun goes down If you really did your job and you planted a variety of sunflowers with large petals, you will be able to enjoy them, however, when planting sunflowers you are not the only […]

What is allelopathy | Gardening On

Good Morning! How’s it going? Today we are going to do a short botany class, which will be very useful when we want to design a garden or orchard. I’m going to explain to you what is allelopathy. A word that will stop sounding strange very soon. So let’s get down to business. Allelopathy, in […]

Parts of the root of a plant

The root is a very important part of the plant: thanks to it, it can stay well attached to the ground, feed itself and, therefore, also grow. It is an organ that is normally underground, that is, it is below ground level; however, there are those that are aerial and aquatic. Knowing the parts of […]

How to use ammonium sulfate to fertilize?

Image – All BIZ Ammonium sulfate is a highly recommended fertilizer to improve the characteristics of clay soils. Due to its appearance, we might think that it is actually a product with the same side effects as salt, that is, that wherever we put it, the plants would dehydrate, but we would be wrong. If […]

How is lychee grown? | Gardening On

The lychee It is the fruit of a tropical tree whose name is litchi chinensis ideal for gardens that enjoy a warm climate throughout the year. It is widely cultivated, not only for its delicious fruits, but also for its great ornamental value. In addition, it gives very good shade, so that you can have […]

Tips for buying a motor hoe

When you have a large garden or land, it may be interesting to acquire a engine how. Hand tools such as hoes, shovels, or rakes are very useful, but if we have a large area of ​​land that we have to work, our back could suffer a lot. One of the things we have to […]

How to use phytosanitary products

Phytosanitary products are very effective, but they should be used only when they are really necessary and in the dose indicated on the container.. We tend to think that the more we put in, the better it will be, but the reality is very different: if we do not read the label on the container […]

The pinching of a bonsai

Hello everyone! how was your weekend? Is it hot in your area? It’s been around here for a long time, and that is showing a lot, especially in the trees. Some of them have stopped due to high temperatures. But it has not been the case of elm. This plant is very resistant, both to […]

The plague of the whitefly in tomato crops

Continuing with the different tomato pests, today we are going to talk about the white fly. Their characteristics and way of life, what damage it can cause to our tomatoes and how to combat them if they affect us. There are many species of whitefly but Trialeurodes vaporariorum, Bemicia tabaci they are the most common […]

When and how to water the plants in spring

As temperatures rise, the soil warms up and the plants slowly and gradually resume their growth. Some choose to bloom, others instead fill with leaves while the animals welcome the most colorful season of the year: spring. During these three months, the garden and the pots will need us to provide them with water, but […]

Agave, the most drought-resistant succulent

American agave Agave is one of the plants that are most used in xerojardineswhich they decorate since they are very young. They grow rapidly and multiply with amazing ease. They withstand drought, high temperatures, and there are also many species that resist light frosts. Today it is much loved by collectors, since not only is […]

How to grow yellow zucchini

Anyone who loves zucchini needs to know that they can easily be grown in their garden. Today we are going to talk about how to plant and collect the yellow zucchini, an ideal vegetable for health. In addition, it is a perfect plant for younger children to plant and become familiar with the environment. If […]

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