How to use phytosanitary products

A man spraying pesticide

Phytosanitary products are very effective, but they should be used only when they are really necessary and in the dose indicated on the container.. We tend to think that the more we put in, the better it will be, but the reality is very different: if we do not read the label on the container and do not follow the instructions, we could lose the plant.

Especially when we have just entered the world of gardening, we have many doubts on this subject. Therefore, we are going to explain to you how to use plant protection products correctly.

Protect yourself

Gardener pouring pesticides

gardener spraying pesticide

If you are going to use a phytosanitary product, whether or not it is organic, It is highly recommended (and very important if it is not ecological) that you protect yourself with gloves, goggles and a mask. In the event that you have to spray tall trees or palm trees, or a large area of ​​the garden, you should also protect yourself with a pesticide suit.

Read the label

Before use, even before buying a product it is very, very important to read the label on the packaging. In it, it will be specified, not only its active principlethat is, that substance that will eliminate the plague or the cause of the disease, but also the way of use. In some, it will also be indicated what dose to put in each type of crop (ornamental plants, orchard, lawn, etc.).

Use it on clear days

For your safety and to make it more effective, You have to use these products only on sunny days, without wind, and as long as there is no forecast of rain in the next few days.. The most advisable time is in the early morning or at sunset, which is when the sun is at its weakest.

Throw it in a Clean Spot

Once it expires, it must be thrown away at a Clean Point. This is especially important if a non-organic pesticide is used, as if we do not throw it in the place it touches, we would contribute to polluting the planet more.

Hyssop flowers

hyssop flowers

We hope these tips are useful to you .

How to use phytosanitary products

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