A man passing the hoe

When you have a large garden or land, it may be interesting to acquire a engine how. Hand tools such as hoes, shovels, or rakes are very useful, but if we have a large area of ​​land that we have to work, our back could suffer a lot.

One of the things we have to try is to work with tools that make our work easier, being the motor hoe one of them. But, How to choose one?

What is a motor hoe?

This is a garden machinery similar to the walking tiller, but that it is more designed to work in medium gardens (up to 400m2) instead of large. Thanks to it, you can have the soil removed in depth, which will allow you to prepare the soil much better and fertilize it.

Unlike the walking tiller, is powered by a motorwhich can be electric, gasoline or diesel. The strawberries are the ones that generate the advance of the machine; and the greater their number, the more capacity they will have to remove the ground.

A small trailer and wheels can be attached to itwhich will serve to transfer it to your site.

How to choose one?

  • Electric motor: does not require maintenance, it also generates less noise and vibrations. But its power is limited, so it is more suitable for small surfaces.
  • Explosion engine: it can be gasoline or diesel. The former has a simple start, but the diesel engine, although more expensive, has a longer service life.
  • Number of strawberries: the more you have, the greater your ability to turn the soil. Thus, if we have a limestone soil that is also eroded, it will be more useful to put 6 strawberries instead of 4.
  • start: it can be manual starter or electric starter. The latter is lockable and is therefore more comfortable.

Garden tiller for medium sized garden

Hoe for medium garden

We hope that these tips will help you to choose the most suitable motor hoe for you .