How to make a vegetable garden in the garden

Vegetable garden in garden

orchard in garden

The gardens do not necessarily have to have only ornamental plants, furniture to enjoy the outdoors or decorative elements such as sculptures, pedestals or garden gnomes. In fact, in this green space a vegetable garden can also be includedwhich will be more or less large depending on the land we have and the amount of horticultural plants we want to grow.

So, if you thought you couldn’t grow your own food in your private paradise, let me tell you how to make a vegetable garden in the garden.

Step 1 – Choose where you want to have your garden


Vegetable patch

The first thing you have to do is choose the place where you are going to plant the horticultural plants. This terrain it has to be more or less flatif possible south facingsince this way they will grow and develop much better.

Step 2 – Prepare the ground

Prepare ground

prepare ground

Once the terrain has been chosen, it must be prepared. For this, you have to remove the stones and grass, pass with the hoe to make the earth more »loose», pay it with manure casting a layer 5-8cm thick, and level it with a rake.

Step 3 – trace the grooves



Before planting, it is very important trace the grooveswhich is where you will plant your plants. They do not need to be very deep, but I recommend that they measure at least 40cm deep so that, when planting, you add a 2-3cm layer of river sand or pumice to make the rootlets more simple rooting.

Step 4 – Install a drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation

drip irrigation

The drip irrigation system is the most advisable for the garden, since with it you avoid wasting water since all that irrigates the soil, is absorbed by the plants.

Step 5 – Place stakes and trellises

Trained in the orchard

Stakeholder in the orchard

There are certain plants, such as tomato plants and peppers, that They need a stake and / or trellis so that they can grow well and do not break the stems. So now is the time to place them. Make sure they are firmly embedded in the ground so that the wind cannot move them in the event that it blows with great force.

Step 6 – Plant your plants


Vegetable patch

And now yes, now it’s time plant the horticultural plants: peppers, cucumbers, chives, zucchini … There are so many! Plant those that you like the most, put your dropper on them, and enjoy!

How to make a vegetable garden in the garden

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