Is it bad to water with tap water?


The irrigation It is one of the tasks that seems simpler, but that nevertheless is one of the most difficult for us to learn, even if we have been taking care of plants for a few years. And things get complicated when we don’t know what type of water they need to grow, especially when we have acidophilic plants (like Japanese maples or hydrangeas).

Therefore, this time I am going to tell you if you can water with tap water.

blechnum discolor

Blechnum discolor

The best water for all your plants, regardless of the type, is rain. It is the most natural and nutritious, with which they have fed since their existence on Earth. Whenever possible, it is highly recommended to collect water to be able to use it, especially in the dry season when it is most needed.

However … what happens when there is no rain? It’s time to water with tap water, but not all of it will be the most suitable for your plants. In fact, it will depend on the pH you have and the pH that your flowers tolerate. Or, so as not to complicate too much, Depending on the pH of the substrate, it can be watered with tap water without problems, or some treatment will have to be done.

Drop on leaf

drop on leaf

Knowing this, for native plants we can use the tap without problems, but for those who need a special treatment -such as those mentioned above- it is convenient to add a few drops of lemon or vinegar to acidify it, or let it sit overnight so that heavy materials stay in the lower part of the container. Carnivorous plants are the most demanding as they will only accept rainwater, distilled or osmosis.

So that your plants grow healthy, it is preferable not to keep the water puddled for a long time, unless it is a carnivorous or aquatic plant. In these cases we can put a plate underneath and fill it every time we see it dry.

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Is it bad to water with tap water?

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