Learn how to replace old apple trees with new trees

apple and pear trees

You are probably thinking about replace old apple trees with new trees that are in your garden.The truth is that growing new apple and pear trees is a task that takes years and if you do not have the time to dedicate them, you better take advantage of your old trees.

Old trees can be very attractive, just need to be pruned properly.

If you want to start replace old apple trees with new treesit is recommended that you do in the winterwhen the leaves have fallen and there are no fruits. In addition, this should be done gradually and over the years, since if it is done frequently, it is likely that only sometimes exaggerated growth and without any fruit.

But how do you know if an old tree is worth renovating?

After pruning, if you notice that the trunk and the main branches grow healthythen your apple or pear tree is worth a second chance. If you consider that it is a very complicated job, it is better that you seek professional help.

Renovating an old tree is a great advantagesince you save all the growing time and can make it productive and fruitful again. You should only evaluate if the tree does not represent a risk for the safety of the people who live near the garden and for something else.

If it does not represent a risk, then the tree is recommended to be renewed.

When should it be pruned?

As mentioned earlier, the best time to prune is during wintersince in this season of the year, the leaves of the tree fall due to low temperatures and the fruits stop growing. This is ideal as in spring the tree will grow healthy and strongin addition to that it will begin to bear fruit quickly.

fruit trees

fruit trees

Not only this, but pruning in winter is feasibleas the leaves are not present and it is much easier to see the pruning work being done.

How should it be pruned?

The old trees in general they have a very full arch of leaves and fruits in its potential branch. Therefore, the main objective of the pruner is to make a cut so that the final shape is cup-shaped.

The indicated size for cutting is at least one third of the initial branches. The lateral branches should be smaller, since they may not be able to support the initial branch later and remember that this is the average size that you should at least have an old apple or pear tree that is looking to be reclaimed.

The ideal place to cut is far from the top of the tree, since the top is easily distinguishable as it will show a bulge. Remember that you should avoid cutting the branches to the left or totally flush with the tree.

It is estimated that over a year of age of the tree, the person who is renovating an old apple or pear tree, cut at least 25 percent of it and the rest is saved for later years. You cannot prune the entire tree in a single year because, as mentioned above, growth is not going to be healthyIt will be excessive and also will not bear fruit.

After this, you must take care of the tree, while you wait to remove the rest of the old parts the following year. You have to do something called like the “vegetable circle“, which consists of create a circle around the tree filled with fertilizers, which has to be about 60 cm in diameter

This work may seem complicated, but apples and pear trees are a fundamental part of the entire ecosystem, so try to recover them and you will see the excellent benefits.

Learn how to replace old apple trees with new trees

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