Tips to take care of the garden in autumn

garden in autumn

Autumn is a time of great changes for nature and this can be seen just by looking at the leaves, which change from the fresh green of summer to yellow, brown and orange tones.

It is also a time of great work in the gardenwith different activities and routines to carry out. If you would like to work the garden in autumn you can do it without inconvenience.

If you’re thinking about plant apple, pear, or plum treesRemember to do them in pairs or in several because only in this way will they pollinate since they cannot do them by themselves but they need at least one other tree to pollinate and bear fruit. Also take the opportunity to plant tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and other bulbs so that they bloom in spring.

Lower the heat, the chores begin

Garden in autumn

garden in autumn

When planting trees, remember to clean the weeds from the ground so that the specimens receive all the water, without competing with the weeds. In addition, it is recommended that you cover the foot of trees, shrubs or plants with mulch, compost or manure to prevent the soil from drying out while the roots remain protected against frost.

If you do not want plant new trees but if you are thinking of moving them, it is the ideal time to transplant them. The same goes for shrubs that are deciduous. In the case of evergreen trees or shrubs, it is best to wait until winter.

From autumn it is important to reduce the level of irrigation. It should be more spaced since the frequency of the rains increases and also the water takes longer to absorb due to the lower temperatures. To organize yourself, you can water twice a week for lawns and once a week for shrubs. Cacti and succulents can be watered just once a month. Before starting the irrigation, take advantage of the season to put the containers in good condition, checking that the drainage is not covered as it is not a suitable time for flooding and this is very frequent due to the slower evaporation of the water.

Pick the leaves, take care of the soil

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves

One of the most arduous tasks of the garden in autumn is leaf collection but it is something that will have to be done on a regular basis in order to take care of the garden. This includes wilted leaves that you can collect to reuse and compost. It is also the time to save bulbs for the summer seasonsuch as dahlias, begonias or Indian reeds. These bulbs will be reborn the following spring if you keep them wrapped in newspaper and stored in a closed box.

For, protect the roots from the coldMany gardeners take advantage of nature and cover the ground with mulch, which can be pine bark, straw, mulch or sawdust. In this way the roots are isolated.

Autumn is also an ideal time to seeding grass or reseeding. If you already have grass, you should apply a lawn fungicide after the mowing to prevent the typical diseases caused by the presence of fungi.

Tips to take care of the garden in autumn

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