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More and more people decide to put chemicals aside and start using insecticides and fertilizers of natural origin. The former have proven to be very effective in a short period of time, but can harm the environment if not used properly. However, natural ones are ideal when, in addition to strengthening our plants, they seek to fertilize the land without damaging it.

One such product is the guanoa natural fertilizer that has the best of both types of products: it is fast and an excellent ally for the garden.

Coleus blumeiColeus blumei

Coleos as well as all ornamental leaf plants will look more beautiful than ever with guano

But … what is guano? Guano is nothing more than the excessive accumulation of feces of some animalslike bats or penguins. If you have ever held it in your hands, you may have felt the intense smell.

Due to its high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus, two of the minerals that plants need the most in order to grow and develop properly, it is by far the best natural fertilizer What can we find. In fact, even before the chemical boom it was in huge demand.


There is nothing like a natural fertilizer, like guano, to get a greater quantity of flowers

You can currently find it for sale in any garden store, both in liquid and powder form (as you can see in the image that heads the article). Both types will be ideal for your plants, but yes: you should know that even if it is a natural product, follow the manufacturer’s recommendationssince an excess of guano could harm your plant. What’s more, as a precaution you should add a little less than what is indicated on the package. In this case, with very little you will get your plant to look … beautiful no, the following .

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Uses of guano | Gardening On

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