Make a homemade rooting agent for cuttings

I like to make suckers with plants that I find attractive. A few days ago I went to my sister’s house and came back with a few youngsters that I plan to plant these days. At the moment, they are submerged in a small container with water in order to better develop their roots, but […]

How to plant a hazelnut

If you have a large corner in the garden and you are thinking of growing your own fruit trees, I encourage you to get a few hazelnuts. You can buy them in supermarkets, although I recommend that, if you have one nearby, you go to a store where they sell organic food since its fruits […]

7 different types of acidophilic plants

The acidophilic plants They are those that grow in acidic soils, with a pH between 4 and 6. Many of them are native to the Asian continent, especially Japan and China, but there are others that come from America. These plants are cultivated for their extraordinary beauty and elegance, in much of the world, even […]

Original flower pots made with recycled objects

These days, I am spending a few days at my sister’s house who is on vacation. It has a beautiful garden with a swimming pool and plants that grow in every corner. I am convinced that plants have an emotional register and, in the case of my sister, she believed that she inherited a certain […]

Are the symptoms of overwatering

When do I have to water? Am I adding more water than my plant needs? Irrigation is by far the hardest “to master”, and it is also the most important. Without water, we could not have an idyllic garden or a flower-filled patio. Therefore, identify symptoms of excess watering as soon as possible It’s fundamental […]

4 dwarf fruit trees for terrace or garden

feijoa sellowiana Looking for plants that can be potted throughout their life and have edible fruits? If so, do not take your gaze from the monitor because you will know what the dwarf fruit trees more suitable for what you are looking for. Small plants that, in addition to having very tasty fruits, they are […]

What is synergistic agriculture and what are its principles?

Image – Garden of the Apothecary Everything in nature has its role, and this is something that organic farming has always tried to respect, and even help to do so. When we talk about plants for human consumption, this issue becomes even more important, since if we feed the garden with organic and ecological fertilizers, […]

Types of layering: air layering

A few days ago we were talking about layering technique, a method of plant multiplication widely used throughout the world. As we have mentioned, there are many types of layering, being the simple layering and the multiple layering two of the simplest options. But there are more types of layering so today we will delve […]

How to make a quick and easy homemade sprinkler

Image – Do you want to save money on the maintenance of your lawn? Right? Then get to work! We are going to learn how to make a home sprinkler. It is very, very easy to do and once finished, not only can your beautiful green carpet be watered, but it will also become […]

How to care for Santa Rita

The Santa Rita It is one of the most beautiful plants you can find, a species that features beautiful flowers in vibrant colors that range from fuchsia to orange. Having a Santa Risa at home can be something very interesting because it is an easy-care plant that will not present major inconveniences. if you are […]

How To Make Weed Compost

The Herbs They are not usually well received in a garden, since it is often thought that it gives them a neglected appearance, not to mention that, if we let them grow freely, they would end up harming our beloved plants. For this reason, we usually remove them whenever we see them coming out, but […]

What does it mean to ring plants?

With the imminent rise in temperatures, the seeds that we have sown are about to germinate. Depending on the seedbed that we have used, and the amount of seeds that germinate, it will be necessary to ring them so that they can continue to grow normally. But What does ringing the plants mean and how […]

Meet the fishtail palm tree

A nose caryota The fishtail palm tree it is one of the most curious plants of the entire family of palms. Its leaves are very reminiscent of the tails of fish, which is where the common name comes from, but also, once the fruits are ripe, the plant dies. This is something typical of the […]

Bonsai care in spring and summer

Do you like bonsai but are you worried about not knowing how to take care of them? Do not worry. Although it is true that they are plants that need a series of attentions so that they always look spectacular, their cultivation is not as difficult as one might expect. In fact, you will only […]

Sow a tomato slice, and see what happens in 10 days

Fruits and vegetables no longer taste like they used to. Intensive cultivation is causing the true taste of food to be lost; although fortunately, we can enjoy them again if we cultivate them ourselves. How? Very easy. Sowing the seeds in our patio or terrace. And the best thing is that we will not have […]

What is green manure and how is it made

Today we have a wide variety of products for the care of our plants, which we will find in nurseries, garden stores and agricultural warehouses. However, many of them can be dangerous to healthand in fact, in the same container it is specified that contact with the eyes and mouth must be avoided, and that […]

Know the texture of the soil in your garden

Knowing the type of soil you have in the garden is very important, since the characteristics of it will largely depend on the type of plants you can put. Each of them has properties that will only suit a certain group of species. Also, in your own garden there will be areas where the nutrient […]

The way of natural seeds: how to make a seed bank

There are many reasons to get your own natural seeds and the main one lies in the genetic modification that most of the seeds that are commercialized have. When it comes to getting back to the organic agricultureit is important to have a seed bank in order to ensure that the plants do not present […]

Sources of inspiration to create your terrarium

When it’s time to say goodbye to winter, I feel like watching the plants resume their growth again. Right now I’m a bit obsessed with terrariums, which are a great way to have beautiful plants around the house and create magical little plant worlds. The great thing about terrariums is that there are now so […]

Cuphea Bonsai Care Guide | Gardening On

Image – Gypsy Have you ever seen a Cuphea bonsai? They are not usually very present in nurseries, since it is a tropical shrub that requires protection against the cold, and is a bit demanding. But it is very worth buying one, since by following the guidelines that I am going to tell you below, […]

The jujube or Jinjolero | Gardening On

Looking for a fast-growing fruit tree with delicious fruits that is also not picky about the soil? There are many that meet what you are looking for, but I am going to suggest the Jujube or Jinjolero. Why? Well, I can tell you in good hand that it is one of the fruit trees that […]

Ficus microcarpa bonsai, advice on its cultivation

One of the most recommended tree species for all those who want to immerse themselves in the world of Bonsai is the Ficus microcarp. Ficus, in general, are already resistant plants that tolerate pruning, even the most drastic. But there are some that are very sensitive to cold; on the other hand the F. microcarpa […]

How do plants show that they are cold?

With the arrival of good weather is when we can start to see the effects of cold on our plants. Although we have very resistant plants in our garden or balcony, if they are of recent acquisition or if they were planted last year in the ground, it is likely that they have had a […]

Capers | Gardening On

The capers They are small deciduous shrubs whose fruits are widely used in the kitchen. They have small leaves and very beautiful, large, white flowers. This plant is very easy to grow and maintain, being able to have it both in a pot and in the garden. Would you like it know everything about her? […]

How to sow a mango seed

Do you fancy a mango? The truth is that this fruit can be tasted at any time, although due to its size it is much more advisable to eat it all after the main meals. But, Why not take it from our own tree? It is a very practical way to save money, and also […]

Traps Tricks and Tips to Kill Wasps

Every insect has its place in the ecosystem, even in the garden. But it is true that sometimes they make their nests too close to home, and if there is someone who is allergic, it can be a problem. For this reason, we are going to teach you how to make a wasp trapso that […]

The tulipomania, the bubble of tulips

A few centuries ago the tulips became very popular in the Netherlands and thus the We loved youa period in which the sale of tulips climbed to the skies and tulips were sold at exorbitant prices. This created a major economic bubble that gave way to a financial crisis due to growing speculation. It is […]

Olive bonsai care guide | Gardening On

The Olive Bonsai is one of the best options to start with good in this world. It is a resistant plant, which can be grown in black peat without problems, and in addition, its growth can be controlled very easily. Withstands pruning, drought, high temperatures … In short, it is an off-road plant. But How […]

5 things you did not know about the medlar

The medlar is a fruit tree that is very often planted in Mediterranean orchards and, in general, in those where the climate is temperate. It grows rapidly, and produces a lot of delicious fruits In whose interior there is a single seed that you can sow directly in a pot after having cleaned it well […]

Ornamental aquatic plants: Cattail | Gardening On

If you’re pond plants or to put next to the pool there are a variety of species they are ideal due to the humid conditions they need to live. One of them is the Bulrushwhose scientific name is Typha latifolia but it is known by other names as well, such as Totora, Enea, Anea, Bayunco, […]

Meet the Starlight Avatar, the first luminescent plant

For a couple of years there has been a lot of talk on portals about ecology and the environment of create ecological plants that emit lightwith the aim that in the future we can replace the bulbs that we currently use with these vegetables. And, although we are still far from achieving it, the truth […]

How to fight the cottony mealybug

We would all like to have plants that are always healthy, free of pests, but unfortunately there are some times of the year during which there are some parasites and insects that do not hesitate to feed on them. One of the most common is cottony mealybugso called because, when touched, it reminds us quite […]

Ecological urns: the remains transformed into trees

Many people plant a tree when a loved one dies. In a way, it is a way to continue life and for something of the person to remain alive and giving beauty. This custom has a long history, to the point that today there are some Biodegradable urns that allow a tree to grow from […]

Tips for building your own spiral garden

This is not the first time we have talked about having a spiral vegetable gardenan option for those with little space who want to grow a good number of plants in a limited area. Spiral gardens are not only presented as a very practical solution when there is a lack of space in the home, […]

Prevent your plants from pests with Neem Oil

Image – Currently, when we go to a nursery or garden store, we find a shelf full of chemicals that, although they are very effective as long as they are used correctly, are harmful to the environment, to the point that if we use them intensively In the garden, we could end up having […]

Pots made with recycled pallets

Many people like our innovative ideas when it comes to having original pots, designed with disused objects. If you bet on creativity, it is likely that you will come to fruition, discovering infinite uses that you can make with those objects that you were about to throw away. Disused pallets One of the most used […]

Red palm weevil treatments: natural and chemical remedies

The red weevil, whose scientific name is Rhinchophorus ferrugineusis a weevil (something similar to a beetle) that, although in its adult phase is not harmful to palm trees, the larvae are especially voracious, to the point that they can end up with a copy in a matter of very few weeks. Currently, we have several […]

How to reproduce the chestnut tree

The brownwhose scientific name is castanea sativaIt is a deciduous tree that you can find in Asia Minor and in Europe, in fact, in the Iberian Peninsula, especially in the north, they grow very comfortable; although unfortunately there are many chestnut trees that have been lost due to a fungus: Phytophtora, which, fortunately, can be […]

Horticultural Therapy: caring for plants for health

Those of us who write at JardineriaOn like to sink our fingers into the earth and enjoy the relaxing sensation of the scent of wet earth, pine needles and blooming buds. The gardening is therapeutic and that is why various activities are carried out around it, being the Horticultural Therapy one of the most popular […]

Do you want to have a good, nice and cheap garden?

There is nothing more rewarding than growing your own food, right? And the best part is that you don’t even have to leave the house. But, If you want to enjoy your garden even more and make it meet the three B’s, that is, make it: good, pretty and cheap, you’re in luck. Today, when […]

How to make hybrids | Gardening On

Since humanity began to grow its own plants, it has always been selecting those that give better quality and greater quantity of fruits or those that had a greater resistance to pests and / or diseases. Currently, thanks to the particular »boom» of ornamental plants, much importance is also attached to the selection of the […]

Orange tree care guide | Gardening On

The orange trees They are some of the fruit trees that are most cultivated in orchards: their beautiful white flowers, their long dark green leaves, their size, and of course, their delicious fruits make them incredible plants. And it is that, in addition, a single specimen produces so many oranges that it can feed a […]

Everything you need to know about cutting

Image – Dusk’s City Garden and Trees The most widely used reproduction technique, by far, is through cuttings. When you want to obtain plants grown in a very short time, what you do is cut branches or leaves, as the case may be, plant them in pots with well-draining substrates, and keep them moist so […]

4 curious facts about the plum tree

The plum tree It is one of the fruit trees that has been most cultivated for several centuries in temperate climates. Its adult size, barely 6 meters high, and the speed with which it recovers from pruning make it a more than interesting plant to have in all kinds of gardens, even small ones. Next […]

Lemon tree care | Gardening On

The lemon Tree It is an evergreen fruit tree highly valued in gardens and orchards in temperate to warm regions around the world. Not only does it produce some fruits that are used to flavor multiple recipes, but it can also provide enough shade to be able to plant some plants that need to be […]

Plant Options for Tall Hedges

Who we plant hedges in the garden we do it mainly for aesthetic reasons. And that is no small matter because the magic of a beautiful green space happens precisely because we take into account the design and colors of the plants and flowers, because we think well in every corner and we like the […]

What are rhizomes? | Gardening On

Have you heard of rhizomes? No? Do not worry: in this article I am going to explain what they are, what plants produce them and how you can have new specimens in a much easier way than you can imagine. Although they can be sold as bulbous plants, they are actually different. Very special and […]

Ideas to improve soil drainage

The chances of success are much higher when the terrain is suitable but we know that this does not always happen. There are uneven soils, others sloping or with poor drainage, some too poor and others with very compact soils that give rise to puddles that choke roots and can lead to the death of […]

Chinese cabbage cultivation | Gardening On

The Chinese cabbage It is a horticultural plant that is not yet well known, but that is gradually spreading more throughout Europe. It is very reminiscent of romaine lettuce, although it has a different origin. In fact, it is from the other part of the world, the Far East. It is very easy to maintain, […]

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