4 curious facts about the plum tree

Prunus domestica

The plum tree It is one of the fruit trees that has been most cultivated for several centuries in temperate climates. Its adult size, barely 6 meters high, and the speed with which it recovers from pruning make it a more than interesting plant to have in all kinds of gardens, even small ones.

Next I’m going to tell you 4 curious facts about this magnificent tree that perhaps you did not know and that can help you to take even better care of him.

1.- Two seeds grow in plums

Prunus domestica

Prunus domestica

When we are eating a delicious plum after dinner, we always find a seed. But… did you know that there were actually two? It is something that often happens to these trees: two grow, but one ends up abortingeither because it does not receive the amount of water it needs, because it does not resist growing conditions as well as the other, or due to genetic problems.

2.- It can be planted in any type of soil

That’s how it is. Plum it is not at all demanding in terms of the floorso much so that it can grow in limestone and compact soils without any inconvenience. Furthermore, as it has shallow roots, it does better than any other in shallow soils.

By the way, if you want to have more than one tree, you must leave a minimum distance of 3 meters among them.

3.- It needs to be paid frequently

One of the main problems it has is that its roots do not find enough calcium and magnesium in the soil that it needs to grow. For this reason, it is recommended to fertilize during spring and summer with fertilizers rich in these two minerals, but not using chemical fertilizers, since we cannot forget that it is a tree whose fruits are edible, but with the organicAs manure of animals, or with seaweed extract fertilizer (important not to abuse, as it is very alkaline).

4.- You will know when to collect the plums just by shaking the tree



It’s easy, right? By shaking the plum slightly you will know when its fruits are ready: if one falls, you can celebrate the beginning of the season .

Did you know these facts about the plum tree?

4 curious facts about the plum tree

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