Bonsai care in spring and summer

artificial bonsai

Do you like bonsai but are you worried about not knowing how to take care of them? Do not worry. Although it is true that they are plants that need a series of attentions so that they always look spectacular, their cultivation is not as difficult as one might expect. In fact, you will only need two things: patience y observation. The first will help you to have a miniature tree that, in addition to being healthy, looks pretty; and the second to know in what state the plant is.

In hot months, both virtues become even more important, as water needs increase. So, let’s know what are the bonsai care in spring and summer.


Bonsai in garden

bonsai in garden

The vast majority of trees need to be located in full sun, but… the reality is that when they are worked as bonsai, we must be very careful where we put it. In fact, it is often recommended more put them in a semi-shaded arealike the one you can see in the image above. Thus, two things are achieved:

Especially if you live in a very hot climate, such as the Mediterranean, regardless of the species in question. it is advisable to avoid putting it in full sun.

Irrigation and fertilizer

Bonsai Eurya

Eurya Bonsai

Irrigation and fertilization are two tasks that every gardener must perform. In the case of bonsai, they must be watered very frequently during spring and summer. The days get longer and longer, and as the sun’s rays reach us more directly, the water immediately evaporates. For this reason, It should always be watered early in the morning or, better, in the late afternoon, at a frequency of one watering every 2-3 days. As the temperatures start to get higher and higher, we will water more often. In the summer season it may be necessary to water even 2 times a day.

If we talk about the subscriber, we will use one formulated specifically for bonsai, or if we prefer, an organic one, such as guano.




During these seasons, although pruning is not recommended, it can be clipped to maintain the style of our bonsai. For it, we can cut with scissors those shoots that remain.

Go ahead and have a bonsai. I’m sure you have a great time taking care of it .

Bonsai care in spring and summer

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