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cuphea bonsai

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Have you ever seen a Cuphea bonsai? They are not usually very present in nurseries, since it is a tropical shrub that requires protection against the cold, and is a bit demanding. But it is very worth buying one, since by following the guidelines that I am going to tell you below, you will get a very healthy plant with which you will surely learn a lot.

In addition, in spring they sprout small purple flowers very pretty, making the bonsai look more beautiful. Do you dare to buy one?

Cuphea bonsaicuphea bonsai

Image – Bonsai La Mancha

To Cuphea’s bonsai, once you get home, the first thing to do is place it in a very bright areabut protected from direct sun. If it is to be kept indoors, it should be placed in a room that is very well lit, in a corner where drafts cannot reach it. We choose that the location we choose, it must be kept there without moving it to another place for at least a year. Pruning or transplanting is not recommended at this time, as the bonsai is getting used to its new home, and you will gradually adapt to it.

What we will do is, of course, water it, using for it quality watersuch as rain or soft water. If we do not have how to get it, we will dilute the liquid of half a lemon in 1l of water, and we will water with it. How? Well, a watering can would be the right thing to do, but you can always poke holes in a bottle stopper or the other end and use it for that purpose.

Cuphea bonsai with stonesCuphea bonsai with stones

Image – Sparrow

From the second year, we have to proceed to take care of it as follows:

  • Transplant: once every 2 years, it is recommended to transplant it, renewing the entire substrate during the spring. Highly recommended to use akadama alone, or mixed 30% with kiryuzuna or kanuma.
  • Pruning: to keep you in style. Pinch the branches that are necessary whenever necessary (except in winter).
  • Subscriber: fertilize throughout the growing season with a mineral fertilizer for bonsai. You can also use a mineral for acid plants, or guano.
  • Treatments: It is highly advisable to do preventive treatments against pests with Neem oil from spring to late summer, and against fungi with fungicides such as copper or sulfur in spring.

Did you like Cuphea’s bonsai?

Cuphea Bonsai Care Guide | Gardening On

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