How to fight the cottony mealybug

cottony mealybug

We would all like to have plants that are always healthy, free of pests, but unfortunately there are some times of the year during which there are some parasites and insects that do not hesitate to feed on them. One of the most common is cottony mealybugso called because, when touched, it reminds us quite of cotton. It is very, very ‘soft’, and also very fragile.

We can see it in any type of plant, but especially in one that is undergoing heat and / or water stress, that is, one that is experiencing heat and / or is thirsty or, on the contrary, has excess humidity. But, How to combat it?

Potted pothos

Pothos in pot

These insects can cause a lot of damage to plants, which are already weak. We usually focus on eliminating the mealybug, but also it is very important to prevent it from reappearing. Let me explain: not only do we have to fight the insect, but it is also convenient to find out why it appeared and, once known, solve it. For example: if the plant is with very dry soil, what we will do is increase the frequency of watering; If, on the other hand, it is very humid, we will water less.

Making these changes is very important, otherwise the cottony bugs will most likely reappear. And in that case the life of the plant would be in -even more- serious danger.

How to fight the cottony mealybug

Green nettle

Green nettle

These insects can be eliminated in two ways: with chemical insecticides Chlorpyrifos, or with Natural medicinefor example:

  • Moisten a swab of the ears with water and isopropyl alcohol.
  • Plant a clove of garlic in the pot.
  • Collect 100 grams of green nettle leaves and put them in water for a few weeks, until it ferments. Afterwards, it is applied with a sprayer.
  • If they are few or if the plant is small, they can be removed by hand.
  • Treat with paraffin oil.

As you can see, there are several ways to combat mealybugs. And you, how do you treat your plants when they have this pest?

How to fight the cottony mealybug

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