How to plant a hazelnut


If you have a large corner in the garden and you are thinking of growing your own fruit trees, I encourage you to get a few hazelnuts. You can buy them in supermarkets, although I recommend that, if you have one nearby, you go to a store where they sell organic food since its fruits tend to germinate more easily than those in the supermarket.

And why hazelnut? Well, it is a very beautiful tree that is fast growing. But the most interesting are its fruits: hazelnuts have an exquisite flavor, are very nutritious, easy to digest and also relieve cold symptoms. What more could you want?



To get a hazelnut tree from seed, the first thing we have to do is, of course, get the seeds in autumn. Once we have them, we have to stratify them in the fridge at 7ºC, that is, we have to let them go a bit cold for two months so that they can germinate during the spring. So, we will fill a tupperware with vermiculite halfway, we will place the hazelnuts, and we will cover them with more vermiculite.

As fungi will do everything possible to harm them, it is highly recommended sprinkle a little with sulfur or copper tupperware before watering it. In addition, we will have to check it from time to time (for example, once a week), so that the interior air is renewed.

Hazelnut fruits

hazelnut fruits

When the eight weeks are finally over, it will be time to plant the hazelnuts in the seedbed. This can be anything: pots, yogurt milk containers, … Of course, it is advisable to put a maximum of two seeds in each oneusing universal substrate for plants mixed with 20% perlite.

Located in an area exposed to the sun directly and watering it regularly, you will have your own hazelnuts in just two months. Amazing, don’t you think?

How to plant a hazelnut

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