Make a homemade rooting agent for cuttings

Natural rooting for plants

I like to make suckers with plants that I find attractive. A few days ago I went to my sister’s house and came back with a few youngsters that I plan to plant these days. At the moment, they are submerged in a small container with water in order to better develop their roots, but in a week or two it will be the right time to place them in a pot.

In the last few days, I have done research on the rooting hormones and maybe I dare to use them for the first time. What are they about? Well, they are nothing other than Hormones of plant origin that favors the development of roots in the cuttings.

Natural rooting agent



Getting rooting hormones is not difficult because it is possible to acquire them in nurseries and specialized stores although if yours are the most natural processes then I recommend designing your own homemade rooting with an effective method that appeals to the resources of nature.

The key element to get the product is the salicylic acid, which comes from willowa very popular tree. It will take about seven willow branches to create the acid. Choose those that are tender and with yellowish buds.

Once the branches are obtained, an infusion must be prepared by placing the branches cut into small portions in a liter of water. But first you have to boil the water and then yes, place the branches. After a few minutes the heat is turned off and the mixture is left to rest for a 24-hour day.

There is another way to prepare the acid without hot water, but in this case it is necessary to let the branches rest in the water for a week.

How to use the product

Planting plants

planting plants

Once the natural rooting agent You have to strain it and then store it in a dark container in the fridge, where it can remain in good condition for a month.

To use it, you can soak the cuttings in the rooting agent overnight or plant the cuttings and then water with the mixture for the next two days.

Make a homemade rooting agent for cuttings

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