Meet the Starlight Avatar, the first luminescent plant

Starlight Avatar

For a couple of years there has been a lot of talk on portals about ecology and the environment of create ecological plants that emit lightwith the aim that in the future we can replace the bulbs that we currently use with these vegetables.

And, although we are still far from achieving it, the truth is that researchers from the company called Bioglow, located in the United States, have achieved a luminescent plant that is not capable of lighting a room …, but it is capable of decorating it in a very special way and, above all, different from any other. They are calling her star light avatarreferencing the light-emitting plants in the movie Avatar.

star light avatarStarlight Avatar

Image: Inhabits

This curious plant is genetically modified, and it is neither more nor less than a Nicotiana tabacumthat is, a tobacco plant. This species behaves like an annual, that is, in the course of a year it must germinate, flower and bear fruit, characteristics that have been affected after having manipulated its genes in order to emit light. The life expectancy of the Starlight Avatar is about three monthsand must be protected from light, that is why it is not recommended to have it in a garden.

The Bioglow company is about to auction about twenty copies to the general public, which will end up inside a home where surely more than one visitor will be very surprised to see it. These auctions will start with one dollar. The winner you will receive a grow kit besides the strange and curious plant of course.

star light avatar

Starlight Avatar

If Bioglow is successful with the sale of its bioluminescent plants, it is likely that other companies join creating their own and, who knows, maybe they emit a brighter light still.

What do you think about this topic? Would you like to have a Starlight Avatar?

Meet the Starlight Avatar, the first luminescent plant

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