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recycled pots

Every day we throw a lot of things into the recycling bin that could be useful for growing our plants. Objects that, although it seems that we are going to give them no use, they can actually be converted, with a lick of paint and / or a little cleaning, into highly decorative pots.

So why throw away something that we can give a second useful life to? Next we are going to give you a few original recycled flower pot ideas so you can have a patio or terrace decorated in a very special way.

Beach toys with plants

Plants in children's toysPlants in children's toys

Image – HGTV.com

If your children or grandchildren have already grown up, you can use their old buckets for the beach as flower pots. Plastic is a material that stays as good as new for a long, long time. So much so that it can take up to two centuries to decompose.

They are very good as pots for small plants, such as aromatic plants or flowers.

Garden in a bottle

Garden in a bottle

garden in a bottle

How many times have you thrown away an empty glass (or plastic) bottle? It is a habit that we have deeply ingrained: when a container is empty, we throw it away. Well, that’s something we can stop doing, at least with the bottles. And we can have very original miniature gardens in them, putting flower plants, or small bromeliads.

Of course, we have to use a very porous substrate to prevent the roots from rotting.

Plants growing in toilet paper rolls

Toilet paper roll plant

Plant on toilet paper roll

It is true that toilet paper rolls will not last long, but they will last long enough so that the plants have time to grow a little before being transplanted into conventional pots or the garden. So that they last a little longer, can be put inside plasticand make some holes in it so that the excess water can drain well.

Shoes like flower pots

Original pots

original pots

As we use them, the shoes little by little they are breaking down. What do you think of the idea of ​​turning them into original pots? Small succulent plants, such as Sempervivum or Aeonium, or flowers can grow in them.

Recycled tires



The wheels of cars also end up wearing out. But now your destination can continue to be home, more specifically, the garden or the patio. You just have to give them a coat of paint, put wire mesh and shading mesh inside, and we can plant whatever we want: aromatic plants, flowers, ferns …

What do you think of these ideas?

Original recycled pots | Gardening On

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