Plant Options for Tall Hedges


Who we plant hedges in the garden we do it mainly for aesthetic reasons. And that is no small matter because the magic of a beautiful green space happens precisely because we take into account the design and colors of the plants and flowers, because we think well in every corner and we like the plants to shine. In short, because we like the garden to look nice.

In this sense, hedges are the best allies as they can cover areas with few plants or prevent a wall from being visible, covered by these bushes that dominate the attention. They are much more pleasant than a wall and even encourage creativity and design because they can be cut to the liking and likeness of whoever plants it. The art of topiary deals precisely with create shapes with hedges, shrubs and other species.

Plants to choose from

But what hedge plants are the most recommended to achieve these results? The truth is that a little depends on the types of hedges, higher, lower or more informal.

Some of the species are slow growing so patience will be required in certain cases. For this reason, when choosing hedge shrubs, we must not only take into account their appearance but also their timing, the overall development of the plant and its specific care.


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Plants for tall hedges

Some of the company’s plants for tall hedges it is possible to opt for a conifer called Chalcedron or also by him Carpa deciduous tree. Other options are the Lawson’s cypress, Arizonicaa classic for hedges in the garden, or the macrocarpa very common plant that is used for hedges.

There are also the lauren, the transparent one or the oleanderwhich has beautiful pink flowers, and then there is the Yes, Biota or Giant Yours.



Plant Options for Tall Hedges

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