Red palm weevil treatments: natural and chemical remedies

Red weevil

The red weevil, whose scientific name is Rhinchophorus ferrugineusis a weevil (something similar to a beetle) that, although in its adult phase is not harmful to palm trees, the larvae are especially voracious, to the point that they can end up with a copy in a matter of very few weeks.

Currently, we have several treatments against the red weevil, both natural and chemical. But what are they?

Natural treatments against the red weevil

Beauveria bassianaBeauveria bassiana

Beauveria bassiana

Not much is said about them, but the truth is that they are also there, they are available. From time to time some more appear, which is certainly good news for those who prefer to treat their plants with natural products.

Against the red weevil, these can be used:

  • Palm tree mushrooms (from Phoemyc): It is a preparation of spores of the Beauveria bassiana fungus that, once they come into contact with the insect larvae, eliminates them. It has the peculiarity that, if an adult or a larva infected with this fungus, it can infect others.
    It is considered a preventive rather than curative treatment, but it can be used if we have already seen some red weevils on our palms. It must be treated 5 times throughout the year.
  • Badipast-P (from Protecta): It is a whitewash that, depending on the packaging, you can treat 4 palm trees with it for 6 months.
  • Emamectin endotherapy (from Paimed): This is a new product that is obtained by a microbial fermentation process, which acts on the larvae. You only have to do one treatment per year.

And this is not a product, but a trick: during the summer you can protect the palm trees directing the hose or watering can right in the center of the plantsat the birth of the new leaf. The water will enter the bud, drowning the larvae. But this can only be done, as I say, in summer, because that is when the plants are growing faster. If it were done in any other season, we could load the palm trees.

Chemical treatments against red weevil

phoenix canariensisphoenix canariensis

Let’s prevent our palm trees from ending up like this.

When we speak of »chemical treatments» we are referring to chemical insecticides which are used to kill insects. They must be used always following the instructions specified on the package, as otherwise it could be more harmful than beneficial. Likewise, it is important to protect your hands, at least, with gloves such as kitchen ones.

What insecticides are used against the weevil? Basically two: Chlorpyrifos e Imidacloprid. You have to use one once, and the following month another, as this will prevent the insect from becoming resistant to either of the two.

We will start the treatment in early spring, and we will treat them for the last time in autumn, until the following year.

Did you know about these treatments against the red palm weevil?

Red palm weevil treatments: natural and chemical remedies

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