What are the species suitable for bonsai?


When the decision is made make a bonsai we must take into account the species we want to work with, since not all trees or shrubs are suitable to become a work of art. That is why to make your task easier, I am going to give you a list of species suitable for bonsai.

In addition, I will also tell you his rusticityso you do not have to worry about winter, because it is true that we have just left it behind…, but we must bear in mind that a bonsai needs care all year round.

Evergreen and deciduous

Tree bonsai

tree bonsai

I am going to start with the tree species themselves, that is, with those of the angiosperm family (flowering plants). They are the most recommended for beginners, since their root system can be worked without much difficulty. Of course, important, that they have small leaves. A tree that has large leaves can also work, but requires more control when composting. If you are a beginner, the ideal is to start on the right foot with a resistant species of reduced leaves, like these:


  • Pistacea sp – resist up to -4 degrees
  • Carmona sp – 0 degrees
  • Delonix direction (behaves like semi-deciduous in slightly cool climates, but is considered perennial since in habitat it does not lose its leaves in autumn) – sensitive to cold, up to -1 degree provided it is for a short time
  • Callistemon sp – resistant to -4 degrees
  • acacia dealbata – up to -6 degrees

And many others.

Fallen Leaf

  • Acer sp – very rustic, averaging -8 degrees.
  • Quercus sp – like maples, they can also endure very cold, with intense frosts down to -8 or down to -10 degrees
  • Fagus sylvatica – up to -7 degrees
  • Populus sp – rustic down to -10 degrees
  • Prunus sp – depending on the species, they endure between 4 and 6 degrees below zero

Among many others.




This is a smaller group, but it requires intermediate-advanced level care, since they have a very delicate root system due to mycorrhizae (special fungi that provide them with nutrients from the soil). As usual, all conifers are suitable for bonsaibut perhaps the native species or those that we see much more frequently in nurseries are more appropriate. For example:

  • propagating through a pine forest (Pinus halepensis).
  • Black pine
  • (Pinus sylvestris)
  • Cedar sp (all)
  • Juniperus sp (all)
  • Taxus baccata

Conifers are more or less just as rustic. Perhaps the one that is most sensitive to cold is, we could say that it is Pinus halepensis, since it supports light frosts of up to 3 or 4 fours below zero and provided they are very brief. But for the rest, they are plants that for the most part do not fear the cold, rather the opposite since withstand intense frosts of about ten degrees below zero.

If you have doubts about which species is the most suitable for you, contact contact with us.

What are the species suitable for bonsai?

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