With the imminent rise in temperatures, the seeds that we have sown are about to germinate. Depending on the seedbed that we have used, and the amount of seeds that germinate, it will be necessary to ring them so that they can continue to grow normally.

But What does ringing the plants mean and how is it done?

Picking consists of separating the seedlings and transplanting them into individual pots. The best time is in spring, when the temperatures are neither very high nor low, and the sun does not shine as strongly as it does in summer, thus minimizing the risk of losses due to sunburn or cold.

To do it correctly and thus guarantee that our little plants -which have to have a minimum of two pairs of leaves, or, in the case of cacti, that have a height of 1cm- will recover in a short period of time, we have to proceed as follows:

  1. We will carefully remove all the plants from the pottapping it so that the root ball that has been forming in these weeks comes out.
  2. Then We put it in a basin with warm waterand we are separating the plants removing the substrate, slowly, delicately.
  3. Now is the time transplant them into individual pots with a substrate that favors water drainage in order to avoid compacting the earth.
  4. Once the transplant is finished, we will place the plants in a partially shaded location until we see signs of growth. It will be then when we will be able to put them in places where they will receive more light.

Importantly some seedlings are likely to be lostEither due to a weak root system or because some roots were broken during the picking.

Germinating seeds

germinating seeds

However, to guarantee the survival of all the seedlings it is recommended is sowing the seeds in individual seedbeds such as Jiffy peat pellets, or putting a seed in each socket from the seedling tray.

Thus we will obtain a higher survival rate, which means that we can enjoy more plants.