What is and how to use heather fabric?

Image – Saigosl.com Do you dream of having a garden protected with a natural material and that will also last you several years? If so, we recommend heather, which will give a very rustic look without losing the elegance of your favorite corner of the home. But How to use the heather fabric? Does it […]

What are the care that a bonsai should have

Bonsai is a tree that has been worked for many years – sometimes for centuries – and that is grown in a tray that is less and less tall. But when it comes down to it, taking care of it and keeping it in such good condition can be a very complex task. Even so, […]

What is cleaning pruning | Gardening On

Plants, especially woody ones, need a series of “fixes” every year so that they can continue to be as healthy and beautiful as ever. In nature these, if I may say so, hairdressing sessions are carried out by the wind and the rest of the plants (for example, when the air blows strongly, it lets […]

What is explosive citrus leprosy?

Image – IDTools.org Citrus trees are trees that, in addition to being very decorative, produce edible fruits if they are given a minimum of care. But unfortunately they are also very vulnerable to pests and diseases, one of the most worrisome being explosive citrus leprosy. What is it and how is it treated? Is there […]

How are plants technically named? Gardening On

Acer palmatum cv Little Princess.Image – Gardeningexpress.co.uk Human beings have the need to put a name to everything, if we did not do it, we could not relate them to others with the ease with which we do. The problem is that, in the same way that we have created different languages, each town or […]

Plant disease prevention | Gardening On

How is the prevention of diseases in plants? What to do so that your health does not decline? Well, those are two questions that do not have a single answer, or at least, not a simple one. It must be taken into account that there are several factors that can harm or damage them, and […]

Using pheromones for pest control

The natural is the healthiest. You’ve probably heard or read this more than once, right? Today chemicals, that is, synthetics, although they are very useful if used well, they are very harmful to the environment. But they also have a side effect that you will not be able to read in any product: they do […]

How is the trellis vine pruning?

The vine is a climbing shrub widely grown in temperate regions around the world. Grapes are edible fruits that are so good that you want to have some specimens in the garden. But, to avoid complications arising, one of the things that is done more and more frequently is to grow them on a trellis. […]

What is the biological fight

Plants have always been able to count on the invaluable help of various insects to control pests, thus being able to stay alive without having to expend extra energy for it. Today we people who grow plants can benefit a lot from them, but What exactly is biological control? The biological fight consists of using […]

What is debrowing? | Gardening On

Image – Plant Flower Sometimes we can have a plant that does not finish producing all the branches that we would like or that has a development that does not finish being what we expected. When that happens, we can resort to pruning to try to fix it. One of the most used techniques is […]

What are the different ways to air a garden?

Plants, in addition to water, also need air to be able to grow properly. For this reason, it is very important that from time to time we make sure that they receive everything they need, as otherwise they could soon weaken. But What are the different ways to air a garden? And when do you […]

The types of pruning | Gardening On

Many plants need some cuttings in order to renew themselves and regain strength, but the cut will depend on the species, as well as the time in which the pruning is carried out. There are different pruning types and today we will review the most frequent ones in order to know the map of possibilities […]

Selection of ferns for indoor use

The Ferns They are some of the plants considered as living fossils, since they were one of the first to appear on Earth, after all those that we know as moss did. In their heyday, they grew over practically the entire surface of the earth. The climate was so pleasant that it favored that some […]

Flowering pruning, rejuvenation, fruiting | Gardening On

Most trees and shrubs need regular pruning to improve their conditions and thus face their future development. It is common for formation pruning to be carried out in early stages to establish the basic structure of the plant and then carry out the so-called maintenance prunings and grips, which guide and help control growth. but […]

Negrilla, the fungus that leaves its mark

Some most common plant diseases are the product of the appearance of mushrooms. The bold It is one of the most frequent, a type of fungus that attacks a large number of species, especially those that suffer frequent attack by insects. What is bold? Also know as Sooty mold, Negreo and Soot, this fungus attacks […]

Meet the caudiciform plants | Gardening On

The caudiciform plants They are wonderful. All have an incredible ornamental value, since they have the characteristic that they give that exotic touch that is so sought after in gardens. There are many different species, each more interesting. Some we can start to see in botanical gardens, while others we can only find in private […]

What is thinning? | Gardening On

I believe that it is not enough to go to the nursery and buy fertile land to plant the seeds. I say this because I have tried for years until I gave up. It was then that I began to take the reverse path, that is to say, I first became familiar with the basic […]

How to transplant seedlings | Gardening On

There comes that moment when everything is ahead and the seedlings represent precisely that moment: fertile soil, small seeds ready to give everything, a way to go. That is why I really like having a garden because I can accompany this slow process but surely nature gives us a gift, from the moment we inaugurate […]

Christmas plants: holly | Gardening On

Holly is another Christmas plant very frequent at the tables that celebrate the arrival of the Child Jesus. Its small red fruits make it the perfect plant for this time of year, beautiful and very decorative. These days, it is possible to start seeing it in shop windows and tables so don’t forget to have […]

How to make a garden hanging on the wall

Image – GETYOURHERO An original way to have a garden taking advantage of the space is holding it to the wall. It is an excellent option when you do not have land or when you want to make better use of the available space, greening the place even more if possible. So, we will teach […]

How to prune a cherry tree

The cherry tree It is a tree that, in addition to producing delicious fruits, is very decorative for its beautiful spring flowers. As if that were not enough, its leaves turn orange-reddish in autumn before falling. It is resistant, decorative, easy to care for … What more could you ask for? In order for it […]

What to grow in the garden in January

The year begins and it is time to renew the garden with those vegetables and fruits of the season. A difficult time to grow due to the low temperatures and the typical cold season rains. But you do not have to look for excuses not to start the work so we better review the crop […]

Growing and caring for spinach

If you are one of those who like to eat vegetables and also want to save a little money, How about the idea of ​​growing your own plants? It is an incredible experience, very rewarding, with which you will not only learn by enjoying yourself, but you will also get an edible reward for your […]

Try these tricks to make your seeds germinate

Are you having trouble getting your seeds to germinate? If this is the case, don’t worry! This time I’m going to rebel a few tricks that will help you (or rather, they will help) your seeds germinate. And the fact is that the beginning of the life of a plant is not always easy, and […]

Are there small fruit trees that provide shade?

Incredibly, the good news is that yes there are small fruit trees that provide shade. In fact, any fruit tree can be kept low by pruning. But if you don’t want to get too complicated, this time you are going to discover which are the tree species that not only have delicious fruits, but can […]

Use of ash in plant cultivation

Have you ever wondered if you can use ashes to take care of your plants? If so, the answer to that question is… yes. Indeed, it will not be necessary to throw it away, since contribute potassium to the soil which will be very useful to plants so that they can grow. Besides, also help […]

Indoor bonsai care | Gardening On

Bonsai are miniature trees that attract us easily, truth? They are very beautiful, ideal to have on the balcony, patio or terrace. But what about indoors? Keep in mind that, although small, they are trees, and as such they need to feel the climatic variations in order to develop and grow in a healthier way. […]

How to remove fleas and ticks from the garden

Fleas and ticks are parasites that cause many problems: not only do they annoy our pets, but they can also cause (and cause) very serious illnesses, such as Lyme disease. Especially if you live with dogs and / or cats, or if you live in a rural area, it will be interesting to know how […]

Tips for making a bonsai

The Bonsai technique It is one of those arts that requires a few basic knowledge of botany, especially the behavior of the tree, to be able to do it correctly, always respecting the plant and its needs. I do not want to deceive you: it is not easy to make one, but with these basic […]

Why do you have to prune the plants?

We all know that pruning is one of core gardening tasks but what many do not know are the details of this routine. When and how to do it? What is the right time to prune the plants? Today we are dedicated to studying the plant kingdom in order to give you some tips that […]

Uses of milk in plants

There are many myths that surround plants, among all, we highlight one that says that you can use the milk to water them. What is true in that? It is true that they need nutrients and minerals, and that milk is very nutritious, but… to what extent is it good to water with it? And […]

Selection of the best bonsai on earth

The word bonsai literally means tree on a tray in Japanese. Both the tree and its pot must form a harmonious unit where the shape, colors and texture of one are complemented by those of the other. It can take years to obtain a harmonious bonsai, sometimes dozens of them doing pruning work, wiring, clamping, […]

What are rooting hormones and how are they applied

There are many plants that can reproduce asexually, that is, when you cut a branch and put it in a pot or in the ground, it will take root. However, to help this new specimen to start growing normally, we can impregnate the base of the cutting with rooting hormones. But What exactly are they? […]

Fruit tree diseases: the sadness virus

The sadness virus It is one of the worst diseases that fruit trees can have, specifically orange, mandarin and polemos trees that have been grafted onto bitter orange trees. It works very quickly; so much so that it can end the life of the plant in just three weeks. Unfortunately there is no cure for […]

Dwarf fruit trees: how are they cared for?

The dwarf fruit trees they are a real wonder. They allow us to have healthy and natural fruits even if we only have a small patio or balcony, since not only can they be in a pot throughout their life, but also the amount of fruits they give is very interesting. Obviously, they do not […]

How to design a bonsai?

As I anticipated a few days ago in the article of »How do you make a bonsai?», from now on and once a month I will guide you in the design of your future bonsai. I will explain in detail how it is wired, how it is transplanted, and why each of these things have […]

Uses and Benefits of Pine Bark

The Pine bark It is a natural material that we can use to improve the health of our plants, but also the appearance of our garden, as you will be able to see in this article. And, as if that were not enough, it will be one of your best allies that will help you […]

Homemade tricks to have beautiful plants

As in gastronomy there are many homemade tricks for plants that help them to grow in good condition. They are tips that are transmitted from generation to generation and there is no book that gathers them all but they are useful and it is worth taking them into account in order to improve the general […]

Home remedies to combat pests on your plants

With the arrival of good weather, the unwanted insects and parasites that damage our plants also return. Mealybugs, aphids, spider mites, among others that will not hesitate to feed on their sap, weakening them. However, we we can help you to be able to face them. For this reason, we are going to explain how […]

Plant multiplication: simple and multiple layering

¿How to make the plants in the garden multiply? There are several techniques that you can choose and one of them is the layering, an artificial method that allows the proliferation of new plants from an initial plantthese children repeating the same physical characteristics as those of their “mother”. But to start talking about layering, […]

Excess irrigation in bonsai: how to avoid it and solve it

The irrigation It is undoubtedly one of the most important care we must provide to our plants and, at the same time, the one that is most difficult to “master”. And, if it is difficult to know when to water those that we have in conventional pots, all the more so to a bonsai, which […]

How to make a wooden planter

If you like DIY and plants, we will explain how to make a wooden planter. In this way, you can decorate your garden or terrace with your personal touch, since you can also paint them as you prefer and combine the plants as you like. Let’s get let’s do it. What things do I need […]

Damping-off or death of seedlings: how to prevent it?

Image – Pnwhandbooks.org Sowing is an experience that is always very satisfying and educational. We can learn a lot from the whole process, from the first day we take a seed and put it in a pot, since there are usually no problems. Now, the ones that are … they can kill our plants in […]

Seedbed protection in winter | Gardening On

In these days when the cold runs deep in many cities and towns in Spain, it is difficult to think about growing new plants and vegetables. But if you feel like trying despite everything it is best to sow in seedbeds so that then the seeds and seedlings have a warm habitat and pleasant where […]

How is walnut cared for?

Would you like some nuts freshly picked from the tree? It seems a lie, but there are those who say that those that you have harvested do not taste the same as those that are sold in super or hypermarkets. Maybe it’s time to try it . Go ahead and get a seedling of Walnut […]

What are the bonsai that can be had indoors?

Bonsai are miniature trees that live in very shallow trays, with little substrate. Throughout its history, authentic wonders have been achieved, which are used today above all so that people are encouraged to cultivate their own, something that undoubtedly takes time. Every bonsaist, whether a beginner or an expert, you must be very patient. It […]

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