Are there small fruit trees that provide shade?

Vaccinium corymbosum

Incredibly, the good news is that yes there are small fruit trees that provide shade. In fact, any fruit tree can be kept low by pruning. But if you don’t want to get too complicated, this time you are going to discover which are the tree species that not only have delicious fruits, but can also provide shade.

So, I don’t make you wait any longer. Let’s see what are those incredible fruit trees.

And let’s start with the blueberrywhich you can see in the image that heads the article. Its scientific name is Vaccinium corymbosum. It grows to a height of approximately two meters, making it ideal for growing in pots. It has deciduous leaves, and some fruits – blueberries – very nutritious. What’s more, it easily resists intense frosts down to -15ºC.

But there is still more …


Blood stream

Blood stream

The currant has very decorative flowers, as you can see in the image. It grows up to 4m tall, and it also has deciduous leaves. It blooms during the spring, and for the summer you will see that the plant has been filled with fruits: gooseberries, which are purple berries up to 1cm long. Withstands frosts down to -10ºC, but is sensitive to high temperatures being able to suffer damages if the temperatures rise of 35ºC.


Citrus oranges

Citrus oranges

Citrus are very popular evergreens. With its fruits juices, ice creams, and desserts of exquisite flavor are made. Orange trees, lemon trees, grapefruits, and many, many others can be grown in pots. The only thing you should keep in mind is that intense frosts hurt them, but You can always take the opportunity to have them inside the home until the good weather returns .


Khaki Diospyros

Diospyros kaki

The Khaki Diospyros It is a deciduous tree that grows to approximately 6-8m. It is true that it is much higher than those we have seen, but if you like persimmons, I have good news to give you: if it is pruned, can grow in a pot without problem. So why not have it? What’s more, supports up to -7ºC.

What do you think of these fruit trees? Do you dare to have one on your patio or balcony?

Are there small fruit trees that provide shade?

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