Dwarf fruit trees: how are they cared for?

dwarf orange tree

The dwarf fruit trees they are a real wonder. They allow us to have healthy and natural fruits even if we only have a small patio or balcony, since not only can they be in a pot throughout their life, but also the amount of fruits they give is very interesting. Obviously, they do not produce as many as garden fruit trees because they are smaller in size, but they are enough so that the family can taste the authentic flavor of nature.

But How are these trees cared for?



Dwarf fruit trees are plants that will give us great satisfaction. They are very easy to care for, so much so that, even if you don’t have much experience in tree maintenance, taking care of a dwarf is not going to be complicated. And if you don’t believe me, you just have to follow these tips and check it yourself. You will tell me :


These trees should be placed in an area where they get as many hours of direct light as possible. In the case of citrus fruits (oranges, lemon trees, etc.) they can be placed in semi-shade, but as long as it is a very bright corner.


Irrigation is probably the most difficult thing to “control”, and the most important. Usually, you have to water them about 3 times a week in summer, and 1-2 / week the rest of the year. But we will have to increase or decrease the frequency depending on the characteristics of the climate where we live.


As these are trees whose fruits are going to be used for human consumption, I recommend that you fertilize with natural, organic and ecological fertilizerssuch as vermicompost, horse or sheep manure, guano, homemade compost. Mix about 100 grams with the substrate, and water generously. Repeat once every two months.


The main objective of transplanting dwarf fruit trees is to put new substrate on the tree. In this way, you avoid a lack of nutrients and minerals. So that, will be transplanted every 2 yearsin spring, after the risk of frost has passed. It will be extracted from the pot, and as much substrate as possible will be removed, taking care not to break the roots, and then it will be planted in a slightly larger pot with a substrate composed of black peat mixed with 20% perlite.

Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree

So your dwarf fruit trees will grow healthy and strong .

Dwarf fruit trees: how are they cared for?

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