Homemade tricks to have beautiful plants

colorful plant

As in gastronomy there are many homemade tricks for plants that help them to grow in good condition. They are tips that are transmitted from generation to generation and there is no book that gathers them all but they are useful and it is worth taking them into account in order to improve the general appearance of plants and flowers.

Let’s start with a very simple trick that is cheap and you can do even if you don’t have a lot of skills. When time is scarce and you want lengthen the humidity of potted plants you can put a tea bag in the receptacle. You just have to make a small hole and place the tea bag and then cover with earth. The bag will retain moisture but will also improve drainage so that the water remains in the pot without getting waterlogged.

Some tricks for plants

Mint plant

mint plant

If, on the other hand, what happens is that you notice an excess of watering and you want the soil of the plants to dry, you only have to remove the plant from the pot and then wrap it in an absorbent paper such as kitchen paper.

When observing your plants you will notice that many of them suffer from pest and disease attack

. Rose bushes can be plants vulnerable to attacks so if you want to prevent aphids from affecting the plant, you can grow them next to the parsley plant or get the aphids away from your rose bush by placing the remains of the coffee grounds close to plant.

A few days ago I was telling you about the importance of cleaning the plantsremoving the dust that accumulates on the leaves and stems. A great resource to avoid dust is to put a few drops of glycerin on a cloth. Then pass the cloth over all the leaves of the plant and in this way a layer will be created that will prevent the dust from concentrating on the leaves.

Tips to have beautiful plants for longer



If you have a ficus in your home, by now you will know that it is a very resistant plant that also adapts to all types of climates, however you can make your ficus look perfect if you fertilize it with a mixture of cold water and honey. You can mix a tablespoon of honey in a cup of water and then water to have strong branches and brightly colored leaves.

In the case of Thoughts, there is also good homemade trick for plants that you can incorporate into your daily routine. If you want the flowering to last longer, you can cut the tips of the flowering stems once the flowers have withered. If you do it at this time, new buds will be born, especially if in this period you also fertilize the plant and carry out an irrigation every 72 hours.

Homemade tricks to have beautiful plants

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