How is walnut cared for?

walnut fruit

Would you like some nuts freshly picked from the tree? It seems a lie, but there are those who say that those that you have harvested do not taste the same as those that are sold in super or hypermarkets. Maybe it’s time to try it .

Go ahead and get a seedling of Walnut in a nearby nursery, and take note of these tips to get some delicious fruit.

Regal music

The royal juggernaut

Walnut, scientifically known as Regal musicis a fruit tree native to the Middle East whose height is really interesting: it can exceed 20 meters! Although if this is too much for you, don’t worry, since tolerates pruning quite well if done in late winter, before the buds awaken. The leaves you will see that they have a very beautiful green color. These are large, up to 35cm long, and are deciduous, that is, they fall off in autumn before having made walnut the protagonist of the garden for a few weeks.

The flowers appear distributed in inflorescences, in spring. The fruit is a drupe, inside which is the seed: the nutwhich must pass three months of cold to be able to germinate.

Walnut in autumn

walnut in autumn

The walnut in cultivation is an ideal tree for temperate gardens, with the four seasons well differentiated, but without extreme temperatures. Suitable temperatures are those between the -10ºC and 30ºCavoiding spring frosts, especially if it is young as it could damage it.

To grow well it needs high humidity in the environment and in the soil, so it should be watered frequently. For the rest, it is not very demanding when it comes to the soil, preferring those that have a neutral pH (6,5 – 7,5), with good drainage. Add a few drops of liquid compost (like guano, for example) to the irrigation water throughout the growing season (from spring to late summer) and you will get a greater amount of fruit

You can have your walnut in a pot, using a substrate composed of 60% black peat + 30% perlite + 10% worm humus, but due to its size over time it will be advisable to plant it in the groundfull sun.

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How is walnut cared for?

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