Selection of the best bonsai on earth

bonsai on rock

The word bonsai literally means tree on a tray in Japanese. Both the tree and its pot must form a harmonious unit where the shape, colors and texture of one are complemented by those of the other. It can take years to obtain a harmonious bonsai, sometimes dozens of them doing pruning work, wiring, clamping, … in addition to transplants that I need.

Some specimens that we will offer you here remain faithful to the Japanese aesthetic and philosophy, called by bonsai as the Classical School, but there are other “designers” (and never better said) who choose to do unusual things: like making bonsai with a plant succulent or, as you can see in the header photo, make a tree grow on a rock. Without further ado, I leave you with the best bonsai on earththose that for one reason or another, stand out from the rest.

The smallest bonsai in the world

bonsai mom

Bonsai mame

What tree is smaller than a miniature tree? Well yes, you got it right: a smaller one. This masterpiece measures about 22cm at most, and is formed by letting a seedling grow to that height and pinching it often to achieve a trunk thickness and, above all, a very elegant design. But, yes, they are the most demanding in terms of cultivationsince they need to be watered often due to the little amount of substrate they have.

Music… of a bonsai

Bonsai pine

Bonsai pino

If you like to experiment, I introduce you to Diego Stocco. He is not a bonsai grower, he has not won any awards in exhibitions of these beautiful specimens, but he is a lover of these plants and more domestic. He bought one and decided to try some tricks, see how it works. He used a Røde NT6 microphone, some tiny transducers, and a customized stethoscope. He also used a piano hammer, a paint brush, and various bows to obtain sounds from the tree. The plant was not damaged at any time, but we do not know if it achieved what it was looking for. What I can say is that maybe music doesn’t come out of the tree, but I do recommend that listen to some songs that relax you when you work with the. It is really nice.

Maple trees as bonsai



The gender of castles perhaps it is one of the most requested when ordering a bonsai, or wanting to make one. Japanese Maple trees are widely used in Japan, scientifically called as Maple palmatebut every time we find more interesting species that can be perfect candidates to make a bonsai. Among them we have the acer and gundoor to Acer. Although there is one thing that you should not forget and that is, it is likely that when you start to design a bonsai you will do it with a previously chosen style, but … Don’t be surprised if after a few years you change your mind!


bonsai malus

Bonsai Malus

The Malus, or better known as apple treesThey are exceptional trees. They are one of the ones that you can see the most in different bonsai exhibitions. Its flowering is a spectacle in itself, and it also produces some small but delicious apples that, well, will not fill your stomach, but will calm it.

Juniper of St. Joseph

Juniper of St. JosephSan Jose Juniper

Author: Nacho Marin

This work of art belongs to Nacho Marín, a Venezuelan Fine Arts graduate who is fascinated by the infinite possibilities of manipulating trees. In his quest to recreate a natural environment, he also takes great care so that the shape and mood of the final product is reflected in his artistic vision. No wonder his Junípero de San José, which you can see in the photo above, won the title of »most artistically innovative entry of all entries in all categories» in the art of bonsai Contest 2008.

Desert rose … in bonsai



It is not as popular as junipers or junipers, but its flowers attract the eye of many humans. In India there is Mr. Jai Krishna, who has no more and no less than 100 copies, incredible, right? They are extraordinary. Thanks to its slow growth and resistance to pruning, you can make a bonsai with the perfect desert rose.


Azalea bonsai

Bonsai azalea

The azaleas They are some bushes with which you can get masterpieces like the one I show you in the photo above. In Chinese culture they are immortalized in ancient poetry and contemporary stories. They are a real wonder.

old bonsai

Japanese pine bonsai

japanese pine bonsai

The oldest known bonsai can be found in the private garden of a restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. The specimens they have there are between 400 and 800 years old. An incredible age for a plant that lives in a pot. Without a doubt, it is a place that all bonsai lovers must visit! And don’t forget that bonsai is synonymous with patience, sometimes a lot.

Which one did you like the most?

Selection of the best bonsai on earth

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