Use of ash in plant cultivation

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Have you ever wondered if you can use ashes to take care of your plants? If so, the answer to that question is… yes. Indeed, it will not be necessary to throw it away, since contribute potassium to the soil which will be very useful to plants so that they can grow. Besides, also help fight pestslike worms, and diseases fungal (that is, caused by fungi, such as botrytis or rust).

Let us know how to use the ashes properly to have beautiful plants.

Wood ash

If you usually make bonfires in your garden, don’t waste the ashes. To use them with your plants, you just have to wait for them to cool down, and sprinkle around the stems. It is highly recommended that you also mix them with the earth. This way, you make sure that the wind can’t carry them away. This way you can easily eliminate earthworms, while, incidentally, your plant gets potassium.

But, in case you see that there are spots on its leaves that should not be, sprinkle them on both sides from the same. Another option is to apply them dissolved in water, pouring 5 tablespoons of ash in 1l / water, then shaking the mixture, and finally straining the liquid to apply it with a sprayer.

Tobacco ash


Don’t throw the cigarette butts in the trash. Use them to protect your plants from insects.

Although tobacco is harmful to the health of both people and plants, ashes can be a excellent compost for the plants. To do this, you have to throw the ashes of 5 cigarettes in 1 liter of water, and fill a sprayer with this solution that will also serve to keep pests away from your pots (or garden). Apply it every 4 days.

Did you know that the ashes could be used to care for plants?

Use of ash in plant cultivation

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