What is and how to use heather fabric?

heather fence

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Do you dream of having a garden protected with a natural material and that will also last you several years? If so, we recommend heather, which will give a very rustic look without losing the elegance of your favorite corner of the home.

But How to use the heather fabric? Does it require any kind of maintenance? We will tell you.

How is natural heather for fences made?

The manufacturing process is really simple: it is cut 2 or 3 days before and it is placed transversely in a machine that presses it and joins it with a galvanized wire of about 0,4mm thick. In this way, it is possible to have a heather fabric that will be able to withstand the strong wind and also the passage of time for an average of 10 years.

Once finished, sharp branches are polished and rolled into a tubular shape and then tape it and store it in a warehouse until we want to use it, or go to a nursery to buy it .

What is the use of heather cloth?

Heather fabricheather fabric

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Heather cloth it is used to place on fences in order to guarantee the privacy of a plot. Although there are other options, such as shading mesh or climbing plants, putting heather is a very successful idea for those looking to have a rustic-style garden without having to worry, at least for a decade, about maintenance or pests or diseases.

It is a way to save time and money on something that you know in advance will look great in your private paradise.

Where can you buy?

Heather cloth can be purchased at any nurseryboth physical and online, as well as in large surfaces. They can also surely ask for it in gardening stores and even in those establishments where they sell a little of everything (animal food, gardening tools and accessories, plants, fruits and vegetables, etc.).

The price is about 55 euros for a 1 x 3 meter mesh.

What is and how to use heather fabric?

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