How to get rid of a nest of cockroaches

cockroach nest

cockroach nest

get rid of a cockroach nest can be a complicated task. These insects are very resistant and reproduce easily, so the sooner their presence in the home is resolved, the more effective it will be to prevent them from becoming a problem. Cockroaches tend to colonize and colonize homes, which can cause serious hygiene and health problems as they contaminate food or spread disease and bacteria.

In this article we are going to tell you how to get rid of a nest of cockroaches in the home.

cockroaches and house

eliminate cockroach nest

remove cockroach nest

These can enter the interior of the house through doors and windows that give access to the outside, and then lodge in the damp, dark, warm and isolated spaces of the house. Behind appliances, under the sink, in cracks and holes in pipes, the boiler room, or the garage are common places for cockroaches to infest.

It is recommended to kill them before their appearance becomes a more serious problem. If they start to reproduce and grow, they will become a large colony. If this is the case for you, your best bet may be to find a pest control professional who can effectively eradicate it. To avoid getting to this point, here are some ways to get rid of cockroaches in your home.

Recognize the nest of cockroaches

The first thing to do is investigate. Locate the nest, which is usually in a dark area free from vibrations and noise. The three species of cockroaches commonly found in Australia are German, Australian, and American cockroaches, all of which prefer warm, moist places.

Nests are often found near bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures, in cracks, in or under drawers, inside appliances, or under refrigerators. You may also notice cockroach droppings near the nest, or your nose will help you find them; most have a strong, unpleasant odor.

How to get rid of a cockroach nest

cockroaches at home

cockroaches at home

Baking soda, sugar, salt

Baking soda is a substance that can be deadly to cockroaches when ingestedbut for that to happen, a bait is required that attracts their interest. In this case, it is often recommended to mix baking soda with sugar, as cockroaches will be attracted to this sweet smell and taste and will end up devouring the mixture.

In a bowl, mix equal parts baking soda and sugar and place it in the corners where cockroaches are usually found: under appliances, sinks, garbage, etc. You can place the mixture directly on the ground or in a container.

Borax and sugar mixture

You can also choose to substitute borax (also known as sodium borate) for the baking soda. First of all, you should know that in this case, unlike baking soda, borax can be poisonous, so you should be very careful not only when handling it, but also by placing it in the corners as a trap for cockroaches. If you have children or pets, make sure they cannot touch and ingest it, as they can become intoxicated.

That said, the way this homemade insecticide works is the same. Mix borax with sugar to attract cockroaches and deposit the composition in the corners where they appear.

Aromatic plants

Certain aromatic plants can repel cockroaches. Species such as mint, laurel or garlic seem to have properties that keep these unpleasant insects at bay.

They may not be a very effective remedy against pests, but you can include them in your house, especially if you have a garden that cockroaches have access to, to prevent them from getting inside your house and starting to breed there.

Diatomaceous earth

A substance called diatomaceous earth is often used as a natural, non-toxic pesticide. It is made up of fossilized remains of diatoms, unicellular algae covered in silica. What this coating does is that when it comes into contact with the insect, alters its keratin layer, leading to death by dehydration.

The way to use diatomaceous earth against cockroaches is to sprinkle the substance in the corners where these insects are usually found. If you have a severe pest infestation in your home, this remedy may not be very effective. Instead, It can be used as a preventive solution if you see a specimen in your home and it will make a difference in the long run.

One problem is that adult cockroaches are large and tough, making it difficult to kill them this way. What may be happening is that when impregnated with this substance, these individuals carry the diatoms to the nest, killing the larvae unintentionally, so it can help prevent the cockroaches from spreading.

Powdered chemical pesticides to eliminate the nest of cockroaches

Chemotherapy is also an option when it comes to killing pests. For example, use powdered insecticides. These are also stored in transit areas where cockroaches tend to appear, with the aim of impregnating themselves with the substance, taking it to their nests and infecting other specimens.

Magnesium phosphide or methyl bromide are some substances used as chemical insecticides against cockroaches. Although if you opt for this remedy, you should be very careful if you have pets or children, as it can be highly toxic if ingested.

cockroach bait

One of the most common ways to deal with cockroaches is to use baits through chemicals. These products include things that attract insects and poisonous substances that kill them.

These baits usually are sold in gel form and must be placed in several places as close as possible to the nest of the cockroach.

Cockroach nest sprays

This method is based on insecticides in the form of aerosols that must be sprayed on the cockroaches. So they have a lot more effort to kill a possible infestation. On the other hand, when spraying, care must be taken not to inhale the released aerosol or vapor, as it can have harmful effects on human and animal health.

Frequent cleaning and disinfection

cockroaches in house pest

cockroaches at home plague

Just as important as knowing how to get rid of cockroaches is knowing how to prevent them from coming back. A good way to accomplish this is to maintain constant cleaning to prevent spoonbills from settling and breeding.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about how to get rid of a nest of cockroaches.

How to get rid of a nest of cockroaches

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