How to grow bromeliads outdoors?

Grow Bromeliads Outside in Hot Climates

Bromeliads are plants of tropical and subtropical origin that live in humid forests where temperatures are always above 0 degrees. For this reason, in temperate regions they are considered to be “indoor plants”, since if they were grown outside the home they would most likely not survive … or maybe they would?

Since plants have surprised me a lot over the years, I know from experience that not everything is black or white. In many books they may tell you that it should not drop below 0 degrees, but what would happen if I plant in a sheltered corner of the garden, as it can be for example under a tree that is next to a wall in my garden Mediterranean? Most likely, she would still be alive in the spring. So let’s see how to grow bromeliads outdoors.

In order to grow bromeliads outdoors, the first thing to know is what climate we have and what type of bromeliad we want. Although it is true that there are many that can withstand temperatures of -1ºC or even -2ºC as long as they are protected, the reality is that we are going to have a lot of problems with those species that have “soft” leaves. Indeed: the more “leathery” they have, the better they will withstand the cool.

Another important issue is location. Potted plants are more sensitive to cold than those in the groundsince this container can be cooled quickly, even freezing the roots. This if it is in soil does not happen, so if we have the opportunity we recommend planting the bromeliads directly in the garden, in a soil that has good drainage. In the event that we do not have, We can grow them in a pot or planter that we will have placed near a wall or medium-tall bushes so they can protect them. It is important that they are not in direct sunlight, but that they are in a very bright area.

Bromelia humiis, a very beautiful plant to have outside

Bromelia humiis, a very nice plant to have outdoors

Finally, watering has to be moderate: two-three times a week in summer, and every 7-10 days the rest of the year. The water to be used must have the least amount of lime possible, such as rain. If we live in an area where it is impossible to get it, we will fill a bucket and let it sit overnight. By the next day the heavy metals will have sunk, so that we can calmly irrigate with this water. How? Above: bromeliads are always watered from above. I also advise watering a little on the sides so that the roots remain moist.

With these tips, I hope that you too can enjoy growing bromeliads outdoors .

How to grow bromeliads outdoors?

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