What are suckers on trees?

It is important to cut the suckers from the trees

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There are a number of trees that have a great tendency to take offspring what they do is consume a lot of energy from the plant. In fact, it is precisely from this characteristic that the name pacifiers comes.

All those of us who have a tree plant we will have to take them off as soon as they appearnot only to have a healthier and more beautiful plant, but also to avoid having a forest made up of only one species .

What is a pacifier?

In botany, a pacifier it is a stem that sprouts from the main branches, the trunk or the roots of trees. In the wild, they are very useful for these plants, since with them they manage to occupy more space and, with this, increase the chances of propagating their species. However, they have a significant drawback and that is that they consume a lot of energy, so it is not surprising that the life expectancy of these plants is shortened.

For this reason, in agriculture selective pruning is carried out to eliminate thembecause what is intended is to have a healthy tree, with a life as long as possible and that produces quality fruits.

How is it to be removed?

Pacifiers can be removed as soon as they appear, being especially recommended in early spring or autumn. For it, We can remove them using scissors if they are green shoots or with a serrated knife if they have begun to lignify (to produce wood). Of course, regardless of the tool we use, it has to be disinfected with pharmacy alcohol before and after use. In this way, we will not expose the plant to possible infections that could weaken its health.

Centennial olive tree in Mallorca

Centenary olive tree in Majorca

A tree is a magnificent plant that can give us a good shade, the possibility of enjoying the beauty of its flowers and / or a large number of fruits. Let’s help him live longer by removing his pacifiers.

What are suckers on trees?

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