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Potatoes are one of the tubers that we like the most to have in the kitchen. Whether fried or cooked, cut into slices or small pieces, its flavor is exquisite. But, did you know that there are many varieties? Among them are the Monalisa or the Spunta, although without a doubt the most demanded is the sour potato.

Would you like to know why? There are several qualities that it hasso it is very possible that after reading this article you also want to try it .

What are the characteristics of the sour potato?

Sour potato is a large tuber, which is oval in shape. Its skin is fine and has a great texture. In addition, its sugar content is low, making it ideal for frying, although of course it can also be boiled or cooked.

It is a variety that, not only easy to produce but also very well preserved. That is why it is used to make products such as French fries, potato tortillas or chips. It is, therefore, a food in high demand by the food industries.

For the farmer, or for those who have a garden, sour potatoes can be found practically all year round for saleboth in agricultural stores and specialized online stores.

Use the sour potatoes to cook them in the oven

Use the sour potatoes to cook them in the oven

When is it collected?

Its harvest time includes the months of June and September (from the Northern Hemisphere). But if you have a greenhouse you can have sour potatoes during the twelve months of the year, since it is also not demanding in its cultivation as it needs the same care as other varieties of potatoes.

So, if you want to try some of the most popular varieties of potatoes, do not hesitate to go to the supermarket or an organic grocery store to buy some.

What is sour potato | Gardening On

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