10 exotic flowers for your garden or terrace

Heliconia is an exotic plant


Exotic flowers are those that have shapes and / or colors that we do not usually see in the gardens of our area. They are often produced by plants of tropical origin, although that is not always the case. But, in any case, who wouldn’t want to know their names to cultivate them?

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of exotic flower species whose care is not particularly delicate. Although we may have to protect them from the cold, that will not prevent us from enjoying them.

Bird from paradise (Queen Strelitzia)

The bird of paradise is an exotic flowering plant

The bird of paradise is a plant with exotic flowers

La bird of paradise flower It is a perennial rhizomatous plant native to South Africa. It reaches a maximum height of 1,5 meters, with gray-green leaves and long petioles. It is grown especially for its flowers, which sprout in spring and summer. In addition, it is very grateful since it grows both in the sun and in semi-shade, and as if that were not enough, it supports mild frosts of up to -2ºC.

Spanish flag (Glorious and proud)

The glorious one is a climberThe glorious is a climber

Image – Flickr / Kai Yan, Joseph Wong

If you are looking for a climber with exotic flowers we recommend the Glorious and proud. It is relatively small since it rarely exceeds 2 meters in height, but also produces red and yellowish flowers in spring-summer. It is native to Africa and tropical Asia, so it does not resist frost. But that is not a problem since as long as it has light it can grow well.

frangipani (red plumeria)

The Plumeria rubra is a tropical shrubPlumeria rubra is a tropical shrub

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Wikimedia Commons

The shrub or tree known as frangipani produces some of the most beautiful exotic flowers in the world. Are arise in panicles, are about 30 centimeters in diameter, and are whitish or pink in color. The plant is native to America, and evergreen. It reaches an average height of 7 meters. You need a sunny exposure, as well as well-drained soil. It does not support frost, but Plumeria rubra var acutifolia It does withstand temperatures of 0 degrees and even a little less on a specific basis.

Heliconia psittacorum

Heliconia or platanillo is a tropical rhizomatous herbThe heliconia or platanillo is a tropical rhizomatous herb

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Alexander Bayer Size

The Heliconia psittacorum It is a perennial rhizomatous plant that belongs to the Heliconia genus. It is native to the Caribbean and South America, and has very large, petiolate leaves that can be up to 2 meters high. Its flowers are yellow, or red-orange and sprout during the summer. Of course, it needs -indirect- light and protection against frost.

Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis ‘Double Red’)

The hibiscus has exotic flowersThe hibiscus has exotic flowers

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Dinesh Valke

The hibiscus they have magnificent flowers, but the same ones are almost always seen in gardens. If you want one that is not so common, we recommend the ‘Double Red’. It is an evergreen shrub, small 1-2 meters high, which has flowers with a double crown of petals which are red in spring and summer. It grows in full sun, and can withstand the cold somewhat, down to -2ºC.

Egyptian lotus (Blue water lilies)

The Egyptian blue lotus is an aquatic plantThe Egyptian blue lotus is an aquatic plant

Image – Wikimedia / Reinhold Möller

El egypt lotus, also known as Egyptian blue lotus, is an aquatic plant native to Egypt. It has floating, round leaves, about 20-40 centimeters, and flowers 15 centimeters in diameter, with bluish petals.. It is very beautiful, ideal for growing in freshwater ponds considering that it can measure 1,5 meters wide. The only drawback is that it does not support frost, but you can always remove the rhizome from the pond and keep it in a glass -with water- indoors during the winter.

Queen of the Night (Selenicereus grandiflorus)

The queen of the night cactus has exotic white flowersThe queen of the night cactus has exotic white flowers

Image – Flickr / dé.wé.

The cactus known as queen of the night is epiphytic and native from Mexico to South America. It has quadrangular green stems armed with short spines, and produces white flowers which are about 22 centimeters in diameter. These open at dusk, and are fragrant. It can be 12 meters tall, so it is important to give it some support to climb on. It grows in full sun and in semi-shade, but you have to bear in mind that it cannot stand the cold.

Desert rose (Adenium obese)

The desert rose is a tropical shrub

The desert rose is a tropical shrub

La desert rose It is an evergreen shrub native to Africa and tropical Arabia. It reaches a height of 1 to 3 meters, with dark green leaves. Its flowers are between 4 and 6 centimeters in diameter, and can be white, red or pinkwith one or two crowns of petals. It resists drought, but not excess water. In addition, it must be in a sunny place, and protected from the cold.

tillandsia cyanea

Tillandsia cyanea is a bromeliadTillandsia cyanea is a bromeliad

Image – Wikimedia / Cliff

If you like bromeliads, there is one that, in addition to being easy to find for sale, is also one that requires the least care: the tillandsia cyanea. Its leaves form a rosette about 15-20 centimeters high by about 40 centimeters wide, and they grow curving downwards. An inflorescence emerges from the center, which is a set of red or red bracts (modified petal-like leaves) and purple flowers.. You have to put it in shade or semi-shade, and protect it from the cold.

Queen’s tendrilsmagellanic fuchsia)

Fuchsia magellanica is an exotic flower

The Fuchsia magellanica is an exotic flower

A nice shrub with exotic flowers is known as tendrils or queen earrings. It is native to Chile and Argentina, and reaches a height of 2 to 4 meters. Its leaves are evergreen, and in spring reddish or purple flowers sprout. It needs shade, and regular watering throughout the year. But otherwise it is capable of withstanding up to -7ºC.

Which of these exotic flowers did you like the most?

10 exotic flowers for your garden or terrace

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