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Acer palmatum bonsai

When autumn arrives, the work of the gardeners and, also, of the bonsaists, are also resumed. The trees are slowly stopping their growth, preparing for the winter that, although it may still be far away, in reality time passes so quickly that, if they did not take advantage of it, then they would have many problems to survive.

If we are fans of bonsai and we have one recently acquired or that we have been working for a season, we will be interested to know what is the care of bonsai in autumntruth? Well then, let’s find out .

The care that our bonsai needs in autumn are:


Bonsai Cotoneaster

Bonsai Cotoneaster

The frequency of irrigation has to decrease little by little, as the temperatures go down. The substrate takes longer to dry, so it is important to take this into account to avoid overwatering. Likewise, if until now we have been watering by immersion, now it will be more advisable to do it from above, moistening the earth.


If we do not plan to transplant it until spring, we can give you one last supply of fertilizer before temperatures drop below 15ºC. It will do very well as it will give you the strength to get ahead, adapting without problems to winter conditions.


The wiring can be done now, as soon as the leaves begin to fall if it is a deciduous tree, or as soon as we see that it no longer grows at the same rate as in summer. You have to do it well, leaving the same distance between turns, and check it once a month so that it does not leave a mark.


It is not necessary.


Although the most recommended time to transplant is in spring, if we live in an area with a mild climate, we can transplant now. Later, when the new season begins, we can start paying earlier.

Phytosanitary treatments

During this season you have to be very careful with mushrooms. To prevent them, in addition to controlling the risks, we can treat our bonsai with copper-based fungicides once a month, or every 15 days.

Eurya Bonsai

Eurya bonsai

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask .

Bonsai Care in Autumn | Gardening On

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