Can it be paid in autumn?

Organic fertilizer

If we think that the plants in autumn begin to prepare to be able to withstand the low temperatures of winter and that they stop their growth for this, we would probably think that they do not need any contribution of fertilizer; after all, all their energy will be spent to survive the winter season.

But, can it be paid in autumn? What do you think? Sometimes things are not as they have been explained to us. Why? Because every living being, in order to exist, needs food and water. Let’s see how to fertilize our plants in these months.

During the autumn there are many plants that prepare for the winter rest. Temperatures begin to drop, and the first frosts may even occur. During this time the growth rate slows, but vital functions continue to occur. So that there are no problems and they can sprout without difficulties next spring, it is necessary to fertilize them with a slow release fertilizerso that the roots can absorb the amount of nutrients they need.

What type of compost to use? An organic one, of course. Manure, compost, mulch or earthworm humus are the most suitable. This type of fertilizer, by decomposing slowly, will guarantee that our beloved plants do not lack anything. In addition, they will protect their roots from cold and frost, which will come in handy for the next season.

Organic compost on the ground

Organic fertilizer on the ground

The way to do it is as follows:

  1. The first thing to do is remove, if any, the wild herbs that are growing around the plant.
  2. Then, a layer of plant debris is placed and, on top, a second layer of about 6cm thick of organic compost is placed. Thus, they will have a supply of food throughout the season and, therefore, it will not be necessary to add more.
  3. Finally, it is watered from time to time so that the compost reaches the roots.

In the case that they are plants that we have in pots, it is advisable to fertilize with liquid organic fertilizers, since this way the drainage will not be damaged, once a month.

With these tips, we can ensure that in spring, the plants will be beautiful .

Can it be paid in autumn?

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