Characteristics and care of walnut

walnut care walnuts

Today we are going to talk about a tall tree that can be used to decorate large gardens. We talk about the walnut care. This is one of the fruit trees that, all those who have a large garden, will be able to enjoy it throughout the year. It is a large plant, which will give us very good shade in summer, and some delicious fruits in autumn. Today I am going to explain to you what are the care of walnut.

In this article we are going to tell you all the characteristics, cultivation and care of walnut.

Key features



In botanical lingo, to this impressive 25 meter tall tree it is known as Regal music. Rather slow growing, it has opposite green leaves that fall in autumn with the arrival of the first frosts. In the walnut trees, several forest animals, such as squirrels, usually take refuge from the sun. If we plant one in our garden, it is highly recommended to reserve about 3m2 of surface for it, at least. Thus, it will have an optimal development and we can rest leaning on its trunk to read a book or contemplate the landscape.

Although it is very common in our country, it can also be found as far away as Mexico or China. Curious, right? Plants are experts at invading new territories. Everything has to be said: the human has helped them a lot …, or have they been the ones who have helped us? Be that as it may, the truth is that the walnut fruit, the walnut, is delicious, and … who would not want to have one at home?

Its leaves are about 25 centimetersso they are quite large and are supported by a petiole that can measure between 5-8 centimeters. They are of an intense green color and appear in great abundance in the form of alternating branches. Its flowers also have a slight green color. They differ between male flowers and female flowers. The former appear in the form of hanging catkins, while the latter are more solitary and located in spikes.

It is from the female flowers that the fruits that we commonly call nuts are born. They are drupes that contain an endocarp of stony and corrugated composition. It is not a walnut as we know it. Inside is the edible and prized seed.

Importance of walnut in walnut care

walnut care

walnut care

Depending on the care we owe to WalnutAs we will see later, the walnut will have one quality or another. Once the ripe walnut fruit reveals an endocarp of great hardness under its green shell. We can recognize it by the light brown color and a rougher texture. Inside this endocarp is where the seed is found, which is edible and is It gives it numerous nutritional and beneficial properties for the body.

The seeds are highly appreciated because they have a great flavor and aroma. Given their fame, they are used in confectionery for many meals and desserts. It is normal to see many people consuming nuts alone, as is the case with other nuts such as almonds and hazelnuts.

Among the properties and benefits that these nuts have for the body We found omega 3 and an effect that helps people reduce cholesterol levels in the body. As with olives, it also contains omega 9. If this dried fruit is consumed frequently in our diet we can improve our health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, they should be consumed in small quantities, since they have a large amount of calories. If you are on a low calorie diet to lose fat, it is less advisable to eat nuts.

An important fact to take into account for the consumption of these fruits is that it is fed when it has reached its full maturity. Otherwise, the fruits contain cyanide. Another recommendation is to open the endocarp of the walnut just before consuming it. In this way, it is kept with all the quality to the maximum before consumption.

Walnut cultivation

walnut fruit

walnut fruit

We are going to see the main steps we have to take in order to grow walnut. It has a leafy crown and is usually grown in gardens and patios that have plenty of space so that it can offer significant shade. This tree begins to sow itself through its fresh seeds that we plant during the fall season. It needs a soil with a great contribution of organic matter, fertile, deep and with a clay texture. In this way, all the roots of the tree can develop without hindrance.

The location of the tree is important if we want a correct development. Although it supports the shade, it is preferable that it takes direct sunlight. It is quite resistant to frost, although in places where frosts occur late, young shoots are usually more affected. You need abundant and regular watering if you are not in regions with high humidity.

Among the uses of walnut we not only see the extraction of edibles such as walnuts, but it also has an importance in the forestry industry. And is that walnut wood is an important raw material. It is very resistant, noble and tenacious. It can be polished and sanded very easily and is used to make high-quality veneer, turnery and furniture.

Walnut care

Now that we know your requirements a bit, let’s talk about walnut care. The walnut is a tree that prefers to live in temperate climates, where there are notable differences between one season and the next, but without going to extremes. Its survival range is between -15ºC and 30º. It needs frequent watering, especially during flowering and subsequent fruit ripening, so we will give it water about 3 times a week.

Walnut is a tree that, although it is not demanding in terms of type of soil, it is not advisable to plant it in those that are clayey, since it could end up needing iron contributions (in the form of chelates) to prevent chlorosis. In addition, on poor soils it should be fertilized using natural slow release fertilizers as vermicompost, or with horse manure.

Do you have walnut trees in your garden?

Characteristics and care of walnut

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