Damasquina, the flower that repels the whitefly

Tagetes patula or checkerboardTagetes patula or checkerboard

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The whitefly is one of the pests that most affect plants, and in particular horticultural plants such as tomatoes. It multiplies very quickly and in large numbers, so that various products have had to be developed to, at least, control it … but without much success.

Fortunately, now we can have a very interesting remedy against whitefly, because it is very beautiful and, in addition, natural: the damascene.

Whitefly, a pest that affects Koelreutia paniculata

Whitefly, a plague that affects Koelreutia paniculata

La damasquina or Indian carnation, whose scientific name is patula tagetesis an annual or perennial plant -depending on the climate-, native to Mexico that grows to a height between 30 and 110cm. Its stems develop erect, and from them sprout pinnate green leaves, and beautiful flowers grouped in red and yellow heads.

Precisely they emit an aroma that, according to several researchers at the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Newcastle, repels whitefly: limonene. In fact, they discovered that this pest does not approach plants that emit this smell.

Tagetes patula is a kind of Chinese carnation

Tagetes patula is a species of Chinese carnation

And this is very interesting, because leads to the development of much better products than pesticides: totally natural, ecological and cheap. Of course, this substance does not kill the plague of White flyIf not, it repels it, and even so, it will be highly recommended as it does not generate resistance. What’s more, it can be put, for example, in greenhouses without putting human health – or that of other animals – at risk.

Although this is not all. As it is not a toxic substance, planting damasquinas in crops would attract beeswhich are one of the most important insects in the world to pollinate the flowers of plants.

From what you already know: if you want to keep the whitefly at bay, plant patula tagetes .

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Damasquina, the flower that repels the whitefly

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