Do you want to learn how to draw different fruits? Take note

draw fruits and different appleHow not to learn to draw fruits? If fruits apart from being tasty, they are about ways that are not very complicated drawing on paper, since normally having rounded bodies, they consist of fairly simple drawings to make; they can also be made in small sizes using fairly easy lines.

The main characteristic that fruits should have within a drawingit should undoubtedly be a circle and this is what you have to think about when you are going to start the drawing of an applea peach or among some other fruits that share this same shape.

learning to draw apples

learning to draw applesAfter making the circle, the work is truly in mold the edge According to the nature of the fruit you are going to draw, however, it is not always usually a circle, so it should be noted that “It is according to the nature that each fruit has”, Since if for example it is a mango or a pineapple, it will be necessary to think of an oval shape. It is really very easy!

Draw an apple

One of the main exercises that artists normally practice when they meet learning to drawis usually the study of an apple and its shadow. This is because the apple is the ideal fruit to start before going on to draw the whole fruit basket.

Apples can be made easily and with some practice, you will see that it’s really easy to draw it and is that in general, drawing apples is usually a great opportunity to put your skills into practice when shading, this requires a graphite pencil and some ink liners, as these are excellent tools to carry out quick sketch exercises.

draw an apple the easy way

draw an apple easilyTo achieve draw an apple the easy way and quickly, you can follow the following steps:

  1. To draw an apple, you must place it on a completely flat area and at a distance that allows you to easily see it from where you are drawing. Makes light settings To generate a dramatic shadow, in these cases, natural light is always the best alternative, but nevertheless, it should be noted that candlelight also produces a very interesting effect.
  2. Trace the apple outline applying light pressure on the graphite pencil, it is normal that it takes many sessions until you feel good, so in the moment when you feel satisfied With the general form, you should start to define it a little more until give it the shape of a final sketchthat is, adding leaves and stem.
  3. Subtly pressing the pencil, sketch crescents with the purpose of showing in which direction the apple grew and is that as you already know, apples are roundso a series of “C” -shaped strokes will begin to discover this shape.
  4. Find where the light is reflected in the apple and highlight it by making small abstract circles outlines. Make a little more pressure on the pencil and make strokes around the outline that you drew in the beginning, since this way, you will achieve a depth and volume that will be captured on papersince you will be generating not only light, but also dark spaces.
  5. In conclusion, firmly press your pencil on the paper and outlines the shadow that the apple generates on the surface it is on.
  6. This has to be exactly in the bottom edge of apple; It must be taken into account that the shadow is not always a dark replica with the exact shape of the apple. Draw the shadow and remember that it must be the darkest part of the apple drawing.

Draw a fruit basket

Draw a fruit basket

Draw a fruit basketTo achieve draw a fruit basket the easy way and quickly, you can follow the following steps:

  1. To draw the basket, start by drawing an oval and then add another oval inside the one you drew earlier, then sketch the outer fabric of the basket.
  2. For the fruit, make some circles inside the ovalwhich are going to be oranges and apples; add some elongated crescent shaped figures, which will be the bananas and finally trace several small circles to make the grapes.
  3. Then delineate the whole drawing giving shape the outline of each fruit and then erase the guidelines.
  4. Finally, add color to the drawing and shadows where necessary. Ready!

Draw oranges

Draw an orange

draw an orangeTo achieve draw an orange easily and quickly, you can follow the following steps:

  1. To make the drawing of an orangewhether you use a pencil or go for charcoal, fine lines will always be made to serve as a base for later make the outline of this fruit and start adding color to it.
  2. When drawing, the best is usually start using an axis of symmetry to sketch the circle that will shape the orange; however and being a fruit, it will not be perfectly round, so you do not have to worry if the circle is not perfect or if some lines have flaws, as even your handprint when drawing will give you greater character to your drawing and you will be able to make it look more real than if you draw a smooth circle without any defect.
  3. When you’re done with the baselines and all those details that you think are necessaryyou have to erase everything that is more to be able to start painting the orange. When using colors, you must fill the entire surface of the fruitdefining which are the lightest areas and which are the darkest according to where the light is reflected.
  4. The illuminated parts must be shaped while intermediate colors are applied. Likewise, it should be mentioned that the small holes of the orange peel can be obtained by leaving some small white dotsaround which the other colors should be saturated.
  5. Like you drew an orange from one basic geometric shapea circle, you can use the same technique to draw a whole harmonic set of different fruits or a image composed of several of the same fruitslike for example, oranges.

draw an orange easily and quickly

draw an orange easily and quickly

Tips for learning to draw fruits

Next we will give you some tips that may help you when drawing any type of fruit.

From the general to the details

When learning to draw, it is essential start from the generaldeveloping the scheme and based on it, add the necessary details. You should always start with the basics before moving on to the more detailed.

Real models

Real models are always very helpful, regardless of whether they are in front of you or seen through an image, since allow you to better appreciate the details that could be overlooked.

Lights and shadows (the volume)

The lights, like the shadows, are essential aspects when coloring any drawingsince it depends on them whether or not the drawing has volume. It is necessary to take into account where the light comes from in order to shade the opposite side of the drawing and keep light in those parts where the light is directly reflected.

Do you want to learn how to draw different fruits? Take note

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