Does my plant not bloom

Buxus sempervirens, the boxwood plant

The flowers are so beautiful that we would like to be able to see them all year round. Those bright and cheerful colors make not only our home look very different, but also our day to day. When they are missing, they are missed.

Therefore, if we wonder why my plant is not blooming, we have to find out what is happening to be able to take the necessary measures so that you can produce them again. And for that we are going to help you.

Has no space

Crassula ovata potted plant

Plant Crassula ovata in a pot

When we acquire a plant one of the first things we have to do is, either transplant it to a larger pot O well put it in a place in the garden where its roots can grow smoothly. When is the best time to do it? In spring, although we can perform this task in autumn if we live in an area with a mild climate.

If we let time pass, there will come a time when the soil will run out of its nutrients and the plant will simply not be able to continue growing. For this reason, If we have never put it in a larger container or if it is already at least 20 centimeters high and we want to pass it to the garden, it is time to do it.

Lack of nutrients

As important as irrigation is the subscriber. Plants need to receive a regular supply of nutrients in order to grow and, of course, to flourish.. Whether it’s in a pot or on the ground, it’s a good idea for us, as your caregivers, to make sure you get everything you need.

Thus, they must be paid throughout the growing seasonexcept carnivorous plants whose roots are not prepared to absorb that amount of nutrients. But also, in autumn and winter we will help them a lot if we fertilize them with organic fertilizers, such as manure o earthworm humus.

Plagues and diseases

Aphids on plant

aphids on plant

Especially during the warm months of the year, plants can have plagues and diseases that will prevent you from producing your precious flowers. For example, aphids they adhere to young stems and flower buds, preventing them from opening; or the California red louse that we can find in all the tender parts of the plant, which greatly weakens it.

On the other hand, if we water excessively, the mushrooms. For this reason, it is necessary to review it daily and control irrigation a lot to be able to treat it quickly.

Low temperatures

In order to flourish the plant she needs the temperature to be ideal for her and there is no frost. Thus, geraniums They flower only if the minimum temperature is above 15ºC, while tropical plants need at least 25ºC.

If it is not blooming and it is cold, there is nothing to worry about. He will do it when the weather is better.

It is a young plant

Often times when we get a plant without a flower we are in a great hurry for it to flower, which is completely normal. But we have to be patient. If we take good care of it and fertilize it, surely sooner or later its beautiful flowers will sprout.

Copy of Copiapoa hypogea in flower

Specimen of Copiapoa hypogea in flower

Do you already know why your plant does not bloom?

Does my plant not bloom

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