Everything you need to know about pruning shears

pruning shears

Few tools are as useful and practical as pruning shears. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but they will also help us to do all those little jobs that will keep the plants well cared for and, above all, healthy. But how do you choose one? There are many types, and each of them is specially designed for a specific job; And that is not to mention that we often decide to buy the cheapest ones and in the end we have to discard them because they are not how we expected.

To prevent this from happening to you, we are going to explain the different types that there are, and we are also going to recommend some. So you will surely be right with the purchase of your pruning shears.

Tips to keep in mind before buying

Bypass pruning shearsBypass Type Pruning Shears

Bypass scissors

Pruning shears are very useful tools, but we must choose well the one we are going to buysince depending on what we are going to use it for, we will have to choose to acquire those of one type from another.

For this reason, Before buying any, you have to inform yourself well, see which ones there are, what they are for and if they are ergonomic or notbecause the works in the garden must be able to be carried out in the most comfortable way possible.

Types of pruning shears

Pruning shears, the essential tools to care for plants

Pruning shears, the essential tools to take care of plants

There are two types of pruning shears, and they are as follows:

  • Slip cut or bypass scissors: They are those that have a blade that cuts and a counter blade that holds the branch to be pruned. They are especially recommended for cutting thin green woody stems.
  • Anvil scissors: They are the ones that have a cutting blade and an anvil that holds the branch. They are indicated for cutting stalks of hard or dead wood.

In turn, different sub-types are distinguished, depending on several factors that are:

Pole Scissors or Telescopic Scissors

They are indicated to cut tall branches almost effortlessly. You just have to adapt the length of the handle to the height of the branch to be pruned, place the scissors and pull the rope that will make the blade of the scissors close, thus cutting the branch. There are of two kinds:

  • With fixed handle, up to 2m high.
  • With telescopic handle, up to 5m high.

One scissors for each branch

Depending on the thickness of the branch, it will be easier for us to cut it with scissors or others. Thus, if it measures 2,5cm or less, we can choose to use one-handed pruning shears; While if it measures 4-5cm, the ideal will be to opt for two-handed pruning shears.

Pruning shears according to the plant

Depending on the type of plant that we are going to prune, we will have to opt for some scissors or others. Thus, we must bear in mind that:


It should be pruned with two-handed scissors, and with a handle if they have already reached a certain height. The ones we recommend are:

Ready telescopic pruning shears with handle up to 1,5m

Telescopic pruning shears

Telescopic pruning shears

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Draper 33855

Tree pruning shears

tree pruning shears

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It is advisable to prune them with one-handed scissors with an anvil cut, since these plants have branches that do not exceed 2,5 cm in thickness. These are highly recommended:

Acorn 3512-21

Bellota brand pruning shears

Pruning shears from the Bellota brand

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Felco 7

Felco brand pruning shears

Felco brand pruning shears

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They are pruned with one-handed pruning shears, since it is necessary to make the most perfect cuts possibleas for example with which we will obtain using these:

Sienna Garden 603130

Bonsai pruning shears

Bonsai pruning shears

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Clamping scissors

Scissors for small pruning

Scissors for small pruning


They have to be cut with scissors that have long and thin blades, so that the cut is clean, like these:

Acorn 3520

Flower pruning shears

flower pruning shears

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Welcut HC862

Welkut brand scissors for small pruning

Welkut brand scissors for small pruning

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They are pruned with two-handed scissors, with or without a handle (depending on their height), such as these:

Altuna J442 – Aluminum scissors with 69cm handle

Two-handed pruning shears for pruning hedges

Two-handed pruning shears for pruning hedges

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Bahco M33542

Bahco brand scissors for pruning hedges

Bahco brand scissors to prune hedges

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Electric pruning shears

They are the last to have hit the market. Although they are expensive, make pruning work easy and done in no time. And the best thing is that they are available with or without handle, anvil and bypass. The most advisable are:


Electric pruning shears

electric pruning shears

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Yatek brand electric pruning shears

Yatek electric pruning shears

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Maintenance or how to get an excellent cut for years

Pruning fruit trees with scissors

Pruning fruit trees with scissors

When we acquire a tool it is very, very important to take good care of them, since otherwise they will fulfill their mission for a very short time. So, regardless of what it cost us, we must ensure that we keep them in the best possible condition. How do you get that? Very easy:

  • We will clean the scissors after each use. For this, we can use a dishwasher, which will also serve to disinfect them.
  • We will sharpen the blades with a scissors sharpener, or with sandpaper.
  • So that they do not lose mobility, it is advisable to lubricate them with a special lubricant for pruning shears.
  • We will keep this tool in a cover specifically designed for them, in a clean and dry place.

We hope that now you can more easily choose the pruning shears you need .

Everything you need to know about pruning shears

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