Flowers to give as a gift depending on the occasion

On some occasions, giving flowers is usually a way to express feelings towards another person, not knowing how to make them known. So if you are thinking of give flowers To a special person, we recommend that you continue reading this post, as we will mention some of the most beautiful flowers to give as a gift depending on the occasion.

Flowers to give and their meaning

acacias to give away

They are scented flowers that they have a nice cream coloralthough there are lilac and yellow species.

These flowers are perfect for those secrets that cannot be revealed. Acacias are ideal for accomplices of both work and study, who choose to keep the relationship a secret without anyone knowing.


It is usually one of the lover’s favorite flowers due to its aroma and beauty; depending on the color, its meaning is different: the whites are for friends who want to be able to be something more; the reds express a “you drive Me crazy”And rosés show a love that is not only tender but also delicate.


chrysanthemum to give away


Isolina Carrillo’s well-known bolero says: “two Gardenias for you, with them I want to say: I love you, my life, darling”And in fact, it is not really wrong, since the meaning of gardenias is unconditional love, which is kept hidden and carried by the person who gives the flowers.


daisies to give away

when you start to conquer it, since daisies express romance.

By giving these flowers, what you are telling the person who receives them is that they are the most beautiful and that you love them. They are also known for the popular game: “he loves me, he doesn’t love me” and according to their color, daisies have a different meaning, it is also possible to find a wide diversity of species, although the best known are those with long white petals that mean “the most beautiful is you.

The yellow ones are ideal to start the conquest since they mean “Did you like it?”; likewise, the blue ones mean giving a vote of confidence to the person who receives them.


These flowers are the most used to give to the bride, mother or wife, since they stand out for being really beautiful, but especially for their pleasant aroma.

Very effective when transmitting what you feel, since according to its color, transmit love in its different kinds: red for romantic and passionate love; pink for admiration, affection and gratitude; white for purity and yellow for joyful and youthful love.


orchids to give away

What are the flowers to give according to the person?


Give daisies as gifts as they express joy.

Being loved sick

Observe marigolds, since they express resistance and a lot of strength.

First date

Give daffodils, because they express chivalry.


Give dahlias, which show elegance.


Give him orchids, because they love his virility.

Wife / s

Give “don’t forget me” gifts, because they reflect true love.

Dad mom

Give “honeysuckle” gifts, express devotion.

Flowers to give as a gift depending on the occasion

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