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With the arrival of spring and summer we spend more time outside the house than inside. If you have a terrace, you will surely enjoy going out in the morning, or perhaps in the afternoon to relax. And of course, you need to have a patio set to sit onor lie down, and a table to place things.

But buying it is not as easy as it seems, and finding great bargains even less. For this reason, we give you a hand so that you can buy them and we give you some examples of sets for terraces that will be interesting. Go for it?

Top 1. The best terrace set


  • Composed of two armchairs, a table and cushions.
  • facts in a 95% recycled material.
  • Easy to clean and almost maintenance free.


  • It comes unassembled.
  • Is plastic and some parts break easily.

Selection of sets for terraces

If the first one does not match the decoration of your terrace, perhaps these other terrace sets will come in handy. Look at them.

Keter Iowa Deck/Balcony Set

In graphite or cappuccino, it is composed of a small table and two armchairs. These have an ergonomic backrest and are ideal for small spaces.

It is made of 95% recycled material.

Chicreat Indoor Outdoor Poly Rattan Furniture Set

It includes two armchairs, a two-seater sofa and a rectangular table. In addition, it has 5 cm thick cushions. The structure is made of steel resistant to inclement weather.

The armchairs measure 57,5×57,5×85,5. The sofa 57,5×103,5×85,5. The table is 71,5×41,5×39,5cm.

Bica Set Nebraska

In this case We have chosen the 4-seater style, but it has two-seaters, five-seaters or a corner for five-seaters.

It is made up of two armchairs, a two-seater sofa and a small table. The measurements of the armchairs are 75×57,5x79cm, the table 64x64x40cm (it can be opened to store cushions); and the sofa 131×57,5x79cm.

Aktive 61001 – Garden furniture set

Composed of a small table, a bench with armrests and two chairs also with armrests.

The table measures 75x51x34 cm while the armchairs are 60x61x81cm. In the case of the bench, it measures 121x61x81. It comes with beige cushions.

Is made of acacia wood and requires little maintenance (apply a layer of varnish or wax twice a year). It comes unassembled.

Keter Set Corfu Lounge Garden Set

Available in brown, white and graphite, it is made up of two armchairs, a two-seater sofa and a small table.

You have ergonomic design and can be combined with garden furniture that you can have It is made of 93% recycled material. It comes unassembled.

Buying guide for a set for terrace

Buying a patio set is not as easy as it seems. It is not enough just to choose those pieces of furniture that are consistent with the decoration of the garden, or that you like because of the functionality they give you, but there are other factors.

But, sometimes, we get carried away by what we liked at first sight. And that then has consequences. How about you take a look at the key points you should keep in mind?


Let’s go with the first feature that you should take into account. And it is one that has “a lot of crumb”. In this case we are talking about the type of terrace set, but what do we mean?

To begin with, you have to decide between small or large sets. And this will be based on the space you have. For example, you cannot choose a sofa set, two armchairs and a table if your terrace only has a few normal chairs and a small table.

First of all, try to measure the space to know if those furniture are going to take or not. It is not recommended to take them with just enough space because the only thing you will create is a feeling of discomfort (because they are too full).

Another aspect within the types is the material the furniture is made of. And here we must tell you that there are many and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the wicker ones are lighter, they weigh less. But over time they deteriorate faster, especially if it rains or gets a lot of sun (they darken and begin to lose resistance). The wooden ones are durable, as long as it doesn’t rain or get too much sun because then it can deteriorate over time (in addition to requiring a minimum of maintenance). And the plastic ones? In winter sitting down will be very cold, and in summer if the sun hits them it will be impossible for you to sit down without burning yourself.

The colors of terrace furniture also influenceespecially in the decoration that you already have on your terrace. Now you can find many colors, and even cushion covers that give you more options.

Price range

In the case of the price, we are not going to deceive you. We are talking about various pieces of furniture that will make up the terrace set and depending on their size, the materials with which they are made and the brand itself, they can cost more or less.

Generally, from about 100 euros you can find sets of furniturewhile the high-quality ones can cost you from 1000-1500 euros.

Where to buy?

terrace furniture

terrace furniture

Now that you know what aspects you have to put more emphasis on, it’s time to think about where are you going to buy your desired terrace set.

We’ve taken a look at these stores and here’s what we think of the outfits they carry.

The Amazon

Believe it or not, there are terrace sets on Amazon. They come disassembled, so you have to take care of them later (in most cases) but the advantage they have is that you have more variety in terms of models that are not seen in other stores.


Carrefour, thanks to opening its catalog to third-party sellers, has made it have many more online products to choose from. Some take a few days to arrive, and others are almost immediate.

Physically in stores they don’t have so many modelsjust two or three, so sometimes it is better to bet on the technological part.


In Conforama you have a complete section of sets for terrace or garden furniture. There are many types, materials and designs, although sofas with matching chairs and table prevail above all.

It is not that they have many sets, because they sell pieces separately, but some that others can find at adequate prices.


In Ikea there really isn’t a section for terrace sets, but they do have sofa or chair and table setsso you would have to take a look to see if any of them suits what you are looking for.

Otherwise, you would have to assemble your own set, which can sometimes be cheaper (or more expensive, depending on the furniture you choose).

Leroy Merlin

In the case of Leroy Merlin, within its garden and terrace furniture section it has several divisions. We have seen the sets for terraces and the truth is that it has more variety compared to Conforamaespecially with furniture more really focused on the terrace.

As for their prices, there are for all pockets, from the most expensive (more than a thousand euros) to the cheapest (less than 90).

Now it’s up to you to decide. What terrace set will you choose?

Guide to buy a set for terrace

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