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pool covers

When autumn arrives and the pools are no longer going to be used, there are three options ahead: empty it, continue maintaining it (which takes time and money to keep it clean); O well use a pool cover to cover it so you don’t have to clean it.

If this third option is the one that seems most viable to you, not only to spend the winter but also as protection or in case you do not use the pool very often in summer, we want to help you know how to buy one and see some interesting examples.

Top 1. The best pool cover


  • For removable pools with a diameter of 305m.
  • You have drainage holes.
  • Withstands inclement weather.


  • Indicates that it is for Intex pools.
  • When the water accumulates, it falls inside.
  • It doesn’t last long.

Selection of pool covers

Do you want to see other pool cover options? No problem, here are more you can choose from.

Bestway 58036 – Removable Winter Pool Cover

Made of plastic, this cover for removable pools is compatible with above ground pools with a diameter of 305 cm.

You have drainage holes to prevent water from collecting and reduces water evaporation.

Intex 28038 – Prisma rectangular pool cover

Made of vinyl, it is indicated for removable pools of the Intex brandspecifically for the Prisma and Small Frame models.

It measures 300 x 200 cm and has a 20 cm overhang.

It also includes a rope to hold it if you need it.

Bestway 58232 Winter Cover for Removable Pool

This pool cover, 404 x 201 x 100 cm, is made of PVC and is used to cover rectangular and oval pools.

It must be firm to prevent rainwater from accumulating on it and causing it to sink.

Provence Outillage Cover 9 x 5 m for Rectangular Pool

It is a canvas for rectangular pools with fixing handles. It measures 5 x 9 meters and has a central rainwater flow mesh.

Although it looks black in the photos, it is sold in blue.

SORARA Protective Cover for the Pool or SPA

Made of plastic, this cover can not only be used with swimming pools (fully covering the detachable ones) but it can also be used for furniture.

It is water repellent, which means that resists water. The measurements are 2.55 x 1.55 x 0.7 meters.

Pool cover buying guide

When you want buy a pool cover, most only think about having the right size to cover everything we want. But in reality, we not only need to know the form and extent that we want to protect, but there are other aspects.

Which? We discuss them below.

Size and shape

As we have told you before, the size and shape is perhaps one of the most important. You will not be able to cover a rectangular pool with a round pool cover. For example.

And neither is a 10-meter rectangular with a 5-meter blanket. No matter how much you stretch it. In this case, you will have to measure your pool, either the length and width or the diameter if it is round. This already removes a problem for you, whether it is worth it or not.

But in addition to that shape of the pool, you should also consider whether you want it rigid or not. Advantages? If it is rigid or leaves a space in the pool, it means that, if it rains, this cover does not sink with the water that accumulates on top. Otherwise, it will end up touching the pool water and may even break and sink to the bottom.


In terms of materials, pool covers are made of multiples, although the most used are polyethylene, vinyl (treated to prevent the sun or inclement weather from affecting it) or polypropylene. Also in some cases you will find them made of plastic.

Price range

And we come to the price. Obviously, this is going to be very different depending on the above factors: size, shape, material it is made of. But also the brand or where you buy it.

As a average price you have between 7 and 13 euros per square meter, but these would be for pool covers as a canvas. In reality, you can find many options on the market, both the installed ones (manual or automatic) and the cheapest ones (which are installed in winter).

Actually, giving you an exact figure is not easy because a small pool is not the same as a sports one. And neither use one method of protection or another.

Where to buy?

pool covers

pool covers

Do you have it clear? Do you know what you want to buy? Well now the last step is to go to a store where they really have what you want. And in this sense, we have done a little search in some to help you know what you can find.

The Amazon

Amazon is one of the places where you will find more quantity of products, but be careful, because sometimes the catalog is mixed with other products (patches, for example).

In terms of prices, there is something for everyone, although some are higher (than if you buy it externally).


Pool covers at Bauhaus are in the category of pool covers and they come in many types, most of them as tarps.

There is a specific model that has caught our attention because we could almost say that you are going to turn your pool into a “hot” one, which will allow you to take a bath when it is a little cold.


In Carrefour it happens like in Amazon, you will find many pool cover products because they are open to third-party sellers.

Our suggestion is that, before buying, check well the time in which they are going to serve it to you and who sells it. Especially the latter because it could be the case that the seller has a store and if you buy it directly from him it is cheaper.


Although most of the products in Decathlon related to tarpaulins and pool covers are the same, you can also find other related ones. It highlights that many are not sold directly by the store, but third party sellers.

In terms of prices, they remain more or less the same as before, although in some cases they are somewhat more expensive.

Leroy Merlin

We finish with Leroy Merlin and in him we see that he has different pool covers to take into account. It has round, rectangular, oval…

It is one of the ones that has more products (compared to the two previous stores) and although most are tarpaulins for swimming pools, the truth is that they also offer other professional PVC or rigid solutions. Of course, prices shoot up quite a bit in this regard.

You have already seen the different options and everything you can find in pool covers. Now it’s up to you to consider which method is best for you and put it to work. Go for it?

Guide to buying a pool cover

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